A Catholic Super Hero

A Catholic Super Hero February 24, 2015

Steven Greydanus will be thrilled by the premiere of Daredevil on April 10.

You can see a big interview with the creators here.

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  • HornOrSilk

    I just hope the priest responds to Matt’s confession properly. I fear non-Catholics are going to think we can confess before we sin and it’s all good.

    • orual’s kindred

      Steven Greydanus writes in the article above that the 2003 film has the priest specifically responding to that problem. I hope as well that the series addresses it too.

      I also wish I have access to Netflix 🙁

      • HornOrSilk

        Yes, I was talking about the new one because, in all likelihood, this will be the one remembered. I’ve always been a fan of Daredevil, as a character, so I am looking forward to it, just, I hope they have a few consultants helping keep it on track.

        • orual’s kindred

          Unless the series is a miserable failure 😀 Of course, quite unlikely. It looks very interesting! I wonder how I can watch it. I like Daredevil too.

  • orual’s kindred

    O mighty Dark Lord! You will be pleased to read this!

  • Pete the Greek

    As long as it’s better than that turd burger of a movie. Would LOVE to see a good rendering of that character!