Bill Doino, Jr. writes a tribute to Dr. Alice von Hildebrand

Bill Doino, Jr. writes a tribute to Dr. Alice von Hildebrand February 24, 2015

over at First Things. Best known for promoting the work of her famous husband, Dietrich– she is still a distinguished scholar in her own right, and someone who has fought the good fight-and still is fighting it, at the age of 92!

She was recently honored by Pope Francis–who invested her as a Dame Grand Cross of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory–and is now known as “Lady” von Hildebrand, but to her friends, she is simply “Lily”–one of the most kind, intelligent and admirable women gracing the Church.

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  • Michael

    I’m reminded of Dennis the Menace talking to Martha Wilson in the 90’s movie: “you’re the nicest old gal on the block.” But more seriously – some of the parallels between Dr. von Hildebrand’s struggles in the classroom and what teachers in some religiously-affiliated schools face today are chilling. What a model of faith and perseverance.

  • Mark R

    This is how to do it. Humbly stick to your guns, don’t be combative and set a good example. Why the accolades from Rome so late?

    • S. Murphy

      Ents. Being hasty.