Leonard Nimoy, RIP

Leonard Nimoy, RIP February 27, 2015

He gave joy to millions of people and created a character who is as close to immortal as anything TV has ever produced.  Eternal rest grant him, God our Father, through Christ our Lord.

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  • bear

    As I said elsewhere: I have been and always shall be your fan. Farewell, Mr. Spock.

  • Pete the Greek

    Sad…. I guess it is too much to hope for a Genesis Wave?

  • I’m not normally affected by celebrity passings, other than to offer a prayer for their souls. But his portrayal of Spock in The Wrath of Khan showed, to my childhood mind, the Platonic ideal of nobility and (if I’d had the word at the time) charity. It is one of the few movie scenes that actually changed the way I saw the world, and so changed my whole life. I am deeply grateful for that performance.

    Perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

  • HornOrSilk
  • Andy

    So many thanks to the man who made SF on TV special – may his soul rest in peace.

  • Rob B.

    RIP, Mr. Spock…

  • Dave P.
  • UAWildcatx2
    • Dave P.

      His true moment of immortality…

  • Elmwood

    at lest we still have Shatner with us, perhaps one of the greatest artists of 20th century.

  • orual’s kindred

    May his soul rest in peace.

  • antigon

    Yup, as with the rest of us, God have mercy on him – a mercy Nimoy didn’t have for the innocent, tho, as he was a big drum-banger for mass murder of the unborn.

  • I read Nimoy’s memoir “I Am Spock” a few years back. A thoughtful and reflective human being. Requiescat in pace, Mr. Nimoy. God’s grace and mercy be upon you.