Seraphim the Beauteous is soooooo big!

Seraphim the Beauteous is soooooo big! February 27, 2015


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  • Lori

    Now there’s a name to live up to! Adorable pic.

  • AnonyMom

    What a gorgeous child!

  • orual’s kindred

    She’s grown so much! When did this happen?!

    • chezami

      Slowly. Over 10 months. 🙂 She’s walking now!

      • orual’s kindred

        …you mean she (and the entire family!) will be celebrating her birthday in two months?! It will have been a year since she was born?! What. How.

        And she’s walking already! How awesome 😀 God bless her! God bless you all!

  • anna lisa

    Oh my gosh. You’re killing me! Those cheeks are heaven.
    And now I’m going to pay myself a huge compliment–My baby pictures are SO SIMILAR. Were your Irish relatives from County Cork?

  • What a FACE!!!

  • Rob B.

    Mr. Shea, she is adorable. I have a two-and-a-half year old son (Thomas Henry) and think he and Seraphim would make a cute couple as they seem to have the frenetic energy. One question: does she like giving “tackle hugs?” 🙂

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      My little 18-month-old Reuben Alfonso was also quite taken with her picture. He prefers climbing hugs and making off with all my wooden spoons and saucepans.