Army Rangers are on a Mission to Defeat ISIS…

Army Rangers are on a Mission to Defeat ISIS… March 24, 2015

with flipflops.

Making people full participants in the dignity of work and the creation of wealth is always a good thing. It helps stop wars. ISIS can’t go on if it stops making converts of desperate angry nuts. People tend to be less desperate and angry when they have a job and family to care for.

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  • Pete the Greek

    This has the feel of a Snickers commercial.

  • Tim H

    Waaaiiittt a second! I thought all the market did was exploit people and create wealth inequality. This can’t be right. (head scratch)

    • Pete the Greek

      Yeah, I actually wondered about that myself.

  • Joseph

    This is plausible. I’d say a vast majority of ISIS fighters are desperate and are pressured into it. Though making flip-flops won’t bring about the Caliphate for all of the others… so it won’t eradicate the problem entirely. Also, it wouldn’t be hard for the new flip-flop manufacturers to be turned into malcontents when they discover that the Gap is selling the flip-flops they made at a 600% markup while they only take home enough to put a bowl of rice on the table. Then they’ll start bombing the flip-flop factories.