Chances to Do Works of Mercy

Chances to Do Works of Mercy March 10, 2015

A reader writes:

If some of your readers are looking for a way to practice their Lenten alms-giving I have a suggestion.

I have been helping an Ethiopian priest who is without a parish to stay in his apartment.  He is caught in some red tape between Ethiopia and US.  More info about his situation is here:

I am one of the Maryland families referred to in that letter.

It is getting harder to fundraise and I have exhausted all the people I know.  I thought perhaps your generous readers might like to help.  I have set up a Go Fund me page to help him.  If you think it a good idea I would appreciate your posting the link:

Thank you so much,

Also, another reader writes:

I hope you will take a look and consider giving a promotion boost to a Kickstarter here in WA state for a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Kennewick (1 of the Tri-Cities). It is . We are trying to purchase a building next to Planned Parenthood which will be the first center of its kind in the Pacific Northwest – a Crisis Pregnancy Center/FertilityCare Center with NaPro Technology Services offered there. Three Rivers Fertility Care Center, a non-profit started by Shira Wise, who is a teacher of teachers under Dr. Hilgers for Creighton Model Fertility has spearheaded the effort. It has been done entirely through a private, grass-roots campaign, and in spite of many obstacles, we have managed to raise over 184 K in less than 3 week’s time. However, to become fully operational, we have a total goal of 400 K, as this would help to cover the cost of the building, ultrasound machine and start-up costs.  Here is a letter about it:

Dear Pro-Life Friends,

We are at the proverbial “11th hour.” Thanks to your generosity, we are a little more than halfway to the goal. Unfortunately we are just that; a little more than halfway to the goal (~$185k of $350k).

We have been advised by our real estate representation to submit a low offer on the building to the sellers today. We fully expect it to be rejected and countered, but it would at least give us an indication heading into the auction of what the reserve will be. From there, in agreement with our Board of Directors, major donors, and financial and legal advisers, we can reevaluate our position and options. It’s extremely unlikely, but they may also accept our offer.

At 4:15pm tomorrow (Tuesday, March 10th), Shira Wise is going on the air with Clint Didier! Listen to 101.3FM to hear the pitch. Tell your friends about it!

A few FAQs:

#1: What happens to the money if we don’t obtain the building?

– Donors will be contacted and given three options:

o Keep your donation with TRFC Inc. for future projects

o Earmark your donation for another local pro-life cause (mobile ultrasound unit, e.g.)

o Have your donation returned in full

#2: What happens if Planned Parenthood shuts down in Kennewick?

Planned Parenthood bought their present building in 2009 for over a million dollars and recently renovated it. It is unlikely they will move in the near future. In the meantime, think of the children who can be saved and the women who can receive help and hope! If Planned Parenthood is threatened enough by our efforts to be forced to relocate or shut down, Praise the Lord!

#3: Can you take pledges?

Yes, with caveats.

a) Yes, if the funds are available to be received in-full within thirty days, we can take a pledge and add it to our total funds.

b) We are not accepting long-term pledges at this time because our immediate focus is on obtaining the building. Once the building is secured, long-term pledges for operating expenses will be most helpful and appreciated, but not at this time.

#4: How will this project sustain itself long-term?

We are not building a business for-profit, we are providing services to women and families in crisis. No clients to the Pregnancy Resource Center will be charged. FertilityCare clients will continue to pay modest rates (which are insurance billable) for our Creighton Model System fertility awareness education, infertility services, and women’s health NaPro technology medical referrals, but no one is refused these services because of inability to pay.

Other successful Pregnancy Resource Centers in Northwest thrive on a model of on-going supporter pledges, plus a single annual fundraising event. Because of our modest overhead cost, heavy volunteer base, and financial stewardship, we anticipate being able to follow this model.

#5: What about changes to the existing building?

The previous occupants fully renovated, updated, and furnished the building. As it is, it can provide nicely for our needs. Several general contractors, drywall installers, and electricians have volunteered their services should we need additional changes.

Please continue to PRAY, FAST, and SHARE. If you have not yet donated to the cause and are moved to do so, time is of the essence!

Donations can be made at: or mailed to: TRFC Inc. 610 S. Wilson St., Kennewick, WA 99336.

Because of delivery time, if you plan to mail your donation, please e-mail us your donation info so we can tally it before the auction.

Thank you!

Angele St. Hilaire

TRFC Inc. Fundraising Coordinator /

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