Healthcare for Veterans is an “entitlement” we cannot afford…

Healthcare for Veterans is an “entitlement” we cannot afford… March 28, 2015

according to GOP Senator with health care benefits who sent them into battle.

“With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.” – Abraham Lincoln, Big Government Socialist

You do not send men and women into harm’s way in a foolish war and then leave them hanging with the injuries–physical, medical, and spiritual–that result. You forego your salary before you let that happen. God sees, Mr. Senator. Those to whom much is given, much will be required.

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  • Andy

    One has only to look at where the majority of folks enlisting in the armed forces come from to see why Mr. Sessions doesn’t think we can afford to support them as vets. The majority come from the poor – and when they leave the armed forces they return to being poor – can’t help those poor who make bad decisions or have to many kids or whatever.

  • Chris W

    Senator Session’s opinion is his, but to portray it as an attitude common in the “GOP” is as far from the truth as it can be, as evidenced by the vote passing the measures in the article.
    Let’s not forget that politics is no longer about “D” and “R” and their professed platforms. It is strictly about power.

    • bob

      He didn’t portray it as a common attitude in the GOP. He aimed his criticism squarely and only at Jeff Sessiona.

    • Vision_From_Afar

      Sessions is a hard core GOP bootlicker. As one of his (unwilling) constituents, his record might as well be done by robot.

      • Chris W

        and here Bob, is the sense of the article Mark has linked to.
        Portrayed as a GOP problem in spite of the fact it was overwhelmingly supported by those with “R” after their name.

  • hebbron

    Sorry, sometimes I get way, way behind in the news, but I believe this information is from June 11, 2014. Has there been a new provision to the bill, or has this bill been amended?

  • Doyle

    Sessions from your link:
    “I feel strongly we’ve got to do the right thing for our veterans. But I don’t think we should create a blank check, an unlimited entitlement program, now.”

    Yes, the government should have oversight.

    No, unlimited checks are bad even if the cause is good. Unlimited checks==no prudence and are a breeding ground for sin, waste and corruption. Lastly, it’s a self admitted partisan (progressive) site, ready to take the worst read on things.

    Funny thing, it’s actually politician’s job to watch where the money is going. Would more politicians felt the weight of spending the people’s money. For another take:

    “Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office announced that it believes the bill will cost $35 billion over three years, ramping up to as much as $50 billion a year if its programs are made permanent. As, of course, they will be, meaning that this is an absolutely gigantic expansion of the VA.”

    I’d be careful about calling down the wrath of God. You might just be laying up a storm for yourself. Things are not as simple as righteous indignation would have you believe.

    • Peggy

      Good job. 99.9% of the time there is more to the story than Mr. Shea suggests. People are not usually as evil as he claims.

    • bob

      $50 billion equals 1.4% of the federal budget and 8.4% of the Pentagon budget. Like they criminals: can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. If Jeff Session doesn’t think the country can afford to take care of its veterans, then why did he vote to go to war in Iraq?

      • Doyle

        Why not read the article I linked? It posits possible reasons to your concerns.

        • bob

          The article states: “This kind of outrage, for one, ignores the senators opposing the bill weren’t even necessarily proclaiming the price to be too high — they were primarily objecting that it was irresponsible to pass it quickly and without paying for it.”
          Right. See, this is just about fiscal responsibility, doncha know. Let me ask you, Doyle. You think those three senators voted for the Bush tax cuts in 2001, without paying for that? These are the same jackasses who never saw giveaway to billionaires that they didn’t love, but when it comes to taking care of veterans of wars that THEY started, well, that’s when their fiscal responsibility bone kicks in.

          • Doyle

            I think it’s easy to create ideological patterns. I think we need to examine each issue individually to avoid our own brains ability to do pattern recognition beyond where the logic justifies it. Such patterns create a simplicity that really is not there and can lead to courses of action and unsound judgement that lead people away from where they really need to be travelling.
            Or more simply: less heat, more light.

  • Worked all my life

    I seldom post comments for articles but I couldn’t resist. Many former military personnel look to this promise for the only health care they get. They deserve it. They were paid poorly to do a job no one else wanted to do. On the other hand, why do congressmen/women and their spouses get life-long continued government stipends and free medical care? They were here, in the States, safe and sound. THEY DO NOT DESERVE IT but they have the power to perpetuate their free-loading because we voted them in.

  • Paxton Reis

    The US has a long history, dating back to the Revolutionary War, of not delivering for its veterans. The post- WW2 GI bill was a major exception of such behavior.
    Too bad we are falling short again.

    • Joseph