Pagan Romans were better than Trump’s Amerikkka

Pagan Romans were better than Trump’s Amerikkka March 7, 2017

In Imperial Rome, a foreigner who joined the Auxilia and served in the Legions was granted citizenship in gratitude for his service.

In the sadistic world of Trump’s Amerikkka, we are now threatening to deport the spouses of our own troops.

We are also trying to deport a veteran who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, suffered head injuries and PTSD and committed the unforgivable sin of trying to self-medicate while *not* being Rush Limbaugh but a brown guy with a Spanish surname.

And yesterday, in still another attempt to find the outer limits for how low, petty, cruel, and vindictive he can be, Trump’s administration informed Khizr Khan, the Gold Star father this draft-dodging swine has already insulted before that his case is being “reviewed“, causing him to cancel a planned trip to Canada lest he not be able to return to the country his son bled and died to defend.

All this cruelty, vindictiveness, and vile pettiness is what “prolife” Christian Trump defenders are now 100% committed to defend instead of the unborn or the gospel. It is this cruelty they will be remembered for defending, not the unborn or the gospel.

Or you can just stop defending Trump, stop keeping a stony silence about this filth, and speak against it. Then, instead of wasting time making excuses for it, downplaying it, or (as some in comboxes do) cheering for it, you can actually get back to what you *say* is your core non-negotiable, the defense of the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death.

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