If You or I Kill Somebody, We are Required to Answer Questions About That

If You or I Kill Somebody, We are Required to Answer Questions About That March 7, 2015

When Coconut Creek, Florida police kill people, they can just declare that “confidential” and then they don’t have to answer any questions about it.

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  • Dan C

    Richly deserved criticism prompts me to delete this comment.

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      Oh good, we get to indulge our prejudices at the expense of justice.

      Newsflash for you, Einstein, Broward Co is New York’s southernmost colony.

      • Dan C

        Well aware. You are correct. I do have regional prejudices. Much like the anti-Chicago comments. Or when I read about “Northerners.” Or urban folk.

        I will await the defense of Chicago. Northern Illinois, etc

        • Dan F.

          Going to need a bigger law firm for that one. J/k

        • Hezekiah Garrett

          I’ve heard that tired song and dance before. It doesn’t cut mustard when some White bigot points out “Blacks can be racist too!”, and it doesn’t cut mustard here either.

          I will note Dr. King identified Chicago as the most racist plave he’d ever seen, and that was years after his warm reception in Birmingham.

      • Dan C

        I will delete it if you wish. But will note how northern bashing is routine

    • jroberts548

      “Like Garner and Rice and…”

      And then you trash the South. It’s incredible how the South’s borders can expand and contract when necessary to include New York and Cleveland.

  • BHG

    yes, we would have to answer questions about that–but not to the newspapers, to the relevant authorities. It seems there is an investigation (its adequacy can be assessed when it is finished) and the AG (that would be a relevant authority) office is involved. Your criticism seems premature especially given how communities have reacted in the past (think Ferguson). Is it any wonder those in charge would like to make sure all the facts are known before making a statement?

    • HIPAA would only come into play if the police force was a healthcare provider. Now if that is the case, they should be able to divulge their NPI type 1 and type 2 numbers. You can’t just make stuff up and make a mockery of the law.

      • BHG

        My point is that nust be ause journalists ask does not mean they are entitled to answers. Especially given their incendiary track record on these things

        • That is sort of true. But the default is that when the people ask, the government answers because the government is the people’s servant. There are specific legal exceptions to that general rule. That’s fine but that means that when there is a refusal, there should be a reason given that falls under one of the legitimate exceptions to the general rule.

          Police officers making things up about the law, violating the law, is simply not acceptable.