Good Morning! It’s Day 6 of the Catholic and Enjoying It! Tin Cup Rattle

Good Morning! It’s Day 6 of the Catholic and Enjoying It! Tin Cup Rattle March 7, 2015

We’re in the Home Stretch of the Tin Cup Rattle. You’ve done a phenomenal job so far and my fambly really appreciate it–though not as much as I do. However, we have two more days to go and can use as much oomph as possible as we approach the finish line! Please consider a gift to your humble scribe and click on the PayPal button to the right so that CAEI can stay on the air and our kids stay clothed and fed.

You can either make a straight donation or, if you like to get something for your money, you can buy my books, including the newly reissued and very well-received Mary, Mother of the Son, as well as CDs, and DVDs . And if you’d rather not do the PayPal thang, feel free to email me and ask for my snailmail address. I’ll happily take a check instead.

Today’s your day. Listen to your shoulder angel saying, “C’mon, do the right thing! You *love* this blog!” Remember, if you are interested in my books, don’t buy them from Amazon cuz if you do, they get all the money and I get a nickel. Get them from me and I’ll happily autograph them!

And don’t forget, I also am happy to come and speak for you.

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