Day 5 of the CAEI Tin Cup Rattle

Day 5 of the CAEI Tin Cup Rattle May 17, 2019

You’ve grown accustomed to my blog
It always makes your day begin
You’ve grown accustomed to the links
the comments and hijinx

My smiles, my frowns
My ups, my downs
Are second nature to you now
Like breathing out and breathing in

You were serenely independent
And content, before we met
Surely you could always be that way again, and yet
You’ve grown accustomed to my blog
Accustomed to my voice
Accustomed to my blog.

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Don’t think somebody else will do it. Today’s your day to step up and say, “GIVE ME MORE VIDEOS OF SISTER WENDY DRIVING A MONSTER TRUCK BECAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER BLOG THAT DOES THAT!!!!”



Will do!

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And don’t forget, I’ll come and speak for you on all manner of fascinating Catholic teaching ranging from 101 Reasons Not to be Catholic, to Scripture, to Sacraments, to Our Lady and beyond!

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