Day 4 of the CAEI Tin Cup Rattle

Day 4 of the CAEI Tin Cup Rattle May 16, 2019

Greetings and thank you so much for your generosity to us Sheas. I won’t take up a bunch of your time but I will just say what I have said before: if you appreciate what you get here, then please help keep an emphatically lower middle class family’s nose above water. I have not had to do one of these for four years, but a combination of taxes, bills and unexpected expenses has hit us hard. So please, if you like what you read here and elsewhere by me, help us out.

Click on the PayPal button below and help CAEI stay on the air and our kids stay clothed, housed, transported and fed. You can either make a straight donation or, if you like to get something for your money, you can buy my books and tapes (autographed even!). And if you’d rather not do the PayPal thang, feel free to email me and ask for my snailmail address. I’ll happily take a check instead.

Oh! And don’t forget! I am ready, willing and able to come speak for your parish, conference or group.

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