Altaration Looks Good!

Altaration Looks Good! April 1, 2015

Jack Maguire at Ascension Press writes:

I reached out to you a month ago about our company’s newest vocations video, I Will Follow.

That has been a huge success, getting over 170k views over the past two months. What an awesome opportunity to tell the world about the priesthood!

I’m following back up because I wanted you to know that I Will Follow was not the end. I Will Follow is a small part of our newest teen faith formation series, Altaration. Altaration is a video series specifically created to teach the value of the Mass to teens. We teach teens the power of the Mass and the importance of receiving Christ in the Eucharist. We also present a teaching Mass, explaining each part of the Mass in terms they can understand and in full accordance with the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. All this is done using the latest filming technology with fun and engaging speakers like Mark Hart, Jackie Francois, and Fr. Mike Schmitz.

I thought you might want to share the availability of this resource to Catholic and Enjoying It readers. This is gonna be huge for the Church!

You can find out all about this at The trailer for the program is here:

Check thou it out!

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