Reason to Homeschool #98237987

Reason to Homeschool #98237987 April 1, 2015

A reader writes:

I apologize if I’m emailing you about something you’re already aware of, but I thought you might be interested to know and make others aware of an ongoing controversy in Oregon, where the Department of Education has for several years been contributing funding to and promoting attendance of an “Adoloscent Sexuality Conference.” It is described as being targeted at educators, parents, and teens, and focused on preventing pregnancy and promoting healthy relationships. After receiving complaints, one of the local news stations found out their ideas about this go beyond the usual modernist interpretation of “healthy relationships” or even contraception.

Let me just quote one of the articles:

“Lisa Maloney, St. Helens School District board member, said she was concerned by what she witnessed. ‘All kinds of speakers about Internet porn, using Internet sex toys, using meth as is shown in this book for when you’re engaging in sex. It encourages using meth because it helps your sexual drive and what not in here,’ said Maloney. ‘It says it in this booklet that was handed out and given out to all young people.'”

“When KOIN 6 investigator asked whether he thought the material in the pamphlets would be effective to prevent teen sex, [conference director Brad Victor] said, ‘I’m not going to address that question. That question is inappropriate.'”

About 25% of the attendees are described as youth with ages ranging from 11 to 18.

The excerpts above came from here:

One of the local news outlets has covered the controversy with several articles, including these:

Moving away from the reported facts to my thoughts after reading the  details, including quoted excerpts describing how to perform certain acts, instructions on how to participate in cybersex and bestial fantasies, and more, I’m disturbingly reminded of the safe-environment courses I’ve taken. In every one, we’ve been warned to keep an eye out for adults teaching this sort of stuff to teens as a way of grooming them either by teaching them to view acts a predatory adult might later suggest to them as ordinary, or by gaining the victim’s attention by titillation. Whoever developed, approved, and presented this curriculum creeps me out!

A very sane reaction.  If priests instituted this in their parishes, people would rightly wonder if Catholics had gone insane.  But since it’s public school teachers, somehow it’s okay.  And this despite the fact that sexual abuse statistics in public schools dwarfs the crimes of priests.  But, as Mr. Polanski’s sycophants demonstrated years ago, sexual abuse of minors is kinda cool, as long as you are the Right Kind of Roman.  Sexually abused minors are, for many in our Chattering Classes, not subjects of concern, but objects of utility.

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  • Joseph

    Soon this *education* will become mandatory and parents who object, especially if they happen to be Catholic, will lose their children to the state. The widespread acceptance of gay marriage is one of the step stones to this. As soon as it’s accepted on a national/international level, Western states will begin a forced campaign of teaching kids about gay marriage and its fruits in the light of *tolerance and acceptance*. School children will be asked to write their *feelings* on the topic and the probe will begin on how their parents are potentially attempting to fight this teaching. With all of the new hate crimes legislation and child care legislation (where the state now determines the welfare of the child), those parents who dare not accept the new understanding of marriage and attempt to correct the attitudes of their children will be facing hate crimes and accused of teaching their children harmful, intolerant, and bigoted ideologies giving the state enough power to intrude on the families lives at best and actually remove the children from their parents at worst. Naturally, once the benefits of gay relationships is taught in schools, this will lead to the discussion of what it is to be gay… which means sexual activity. But since the acceptance of gay relationships has already been established, then children will logically also have to accept the unnatural form of sexual intercourse. And if they can accept that form of unnatural sexual intercourse, logically there is no reason to stop there. Children will be groomed and parents will be powerless to stop it lest they face severe punishments and lose their children to the *protective* state. Anyone who doesn’t see this can’t perform basic math.

  • LFM

    Leaving aside the moral issue for a moment, what seems ludicrous about this is that the young are of all people the least in need of the artificial stimulants that the Oregon lunatics are encouraging them to use.

    Assuming that two teenagers find themselves alone together and feel no need for sexual restraint, what do they want with pornography, crystal meth, sex toys and so forth?

    As your informant suggests, it’s obvious that the people who write this material are more interested in manipulating the young for their own sexual purposes rather than addressing their need for information and support.

    • D.T. McCameron

      “Assuming that two teenagers find themselves alone together and feel no
      need for sexual restraint, what do they want with pornography, crystal
      meth, sex toys and so forth?”

      Mayhaps a steady diet of pornography has rendered them…inadequate?

      • LFM

        Perhaps. If so that’s one of the more depressing aspects of the mess we’re in now: the fact that the young, whose desires ordinarily flow like a fountain of abundance, have been so addled by the purveyors of smut that they find themselves unable to respond to each other without help.

  • Michael

    /insert “wat?” meme.

    /insert David After Dentist “Is this real life?” video

    Seriously. What. The. F***. Orwell is probably maniacally laughing in his grave as our twenty-first century overlords sate the prols with lots of SEXSEXSEX. Hard to grow up to be politically-engaged adults if your entire adolescence is spent being taught a sexual ethic as far away from chaste respect for your most intimate abilities.

    God help us.

  • MarylandBill

    The only part that really surprises me is that they are advocating using an illegal drug… but on second thought, I shouldn’t be surprised any more. Our society seems to have officially embraced hedonism and narcissism as our core values.

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      Illegal drug use is only okay if it also involves sex. They have *standards* y’know.

  • Newp Ort

    “Teledildonics basically refers to the control of sex toys over the Internet; the remote use of sex toys,” said keynote speaker Cory Silverberg in an audiotape obtained by KOIN 6 News after the conference from an attendee.

    Teledildonics. The dude that coined that deserves a medal.

  • Liam

    I now see that the Druid thing was a feint. Schools encouraging meth use. Nice try April fooler.

    • Anna

      I thought that too; then I clicked through and the date is from Nov. 2014. I do find it funny that it’s reported on in the Oregon Optimist, which says it reports on positive news.

  • Matthew

    Okay and the priests at Star of the Sea in San Francisco get raked over the coals for distributing an honest Examination of Conscience to middle school kids!