An Extremely Fun-Looking Homeschool Family

An Extremely Fun-Looking Homeschool Family April 14, 2015

Reader Susan Langenkamp writes:

I enjoy your blog and appreciate your support for Catholic families. Our third son is creating a comic book series loosely based on our family. The entire family is involved in the production with Stephen as lead artist, the younger children doing backgrounds and coloring, and all of us contributing story ideas. The goal is to produce family friendly entertainment and support ourselves in a more distributist manner.

Our website is If the name sounds somewhat familiar, we were inspired by G.K. Chesterton’s Tales of the Longbow.

We have also produced a parody music video based on the story in comic book #3. You can see the video here:

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you again for your support of Catholic families.

Major props to folks who live out Chesterton’s vision of a sane(ish) Catholic family.

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