Support Joshua Hughes in the Battle of Autism

Support Joshua Hughes in the Battle of Autism April 6, 2015

Reader Sheila Hughes, Joshua’s mom, writes

This is the last week until the Panhandle Autism Society Walk for Autism awareness and I was informed that Joshua’s fundraising team is only $342 shy of our $1000 goal to help kids through the various programs and resources the Panhandle Autism provides.  If you haven’t already donated, please take some time today and donate, even if it’s only $10!  Every little bit helps a child on the Autism Spectrum over here in the Panhandle of Idaho!

Just click on the link below and make your donation!  Easy Peasy!

Joshua and the Battle of Autism

Thank you, one and all, for your support and most of all, your prayers!  Joshua works so hard, as does the many children on the spectrum.  Currently, he is taking swimming lessons with a group that specializes working with children with autism and after 8 months, he is finally swimming on a horizonal plane!  Motor planning is difficult for him.  Things we take for granted, such as even towel drying off after taking a bath, takes some effort.  He is making so much progress but as with many kids on the spectrum, the developmental milestones take a longer time, not to mention learning social skills.  He’s learning that it’s not polite to walk into someone’s yard to look into their windows to see how many ceiling fans they have.  Cute but not for too much longer…He’s also learning that looking for cars is more than just look to the left, right and left again and then walking out.  You actually have to determine if any cars are coming.  This is just a small picture in what Joshua is learning at 8 years of age.  Autism is becoming more prevalent and although we don’t know why, getting these kids where they can function and being contributing memebers of society takes a lot of work and we all must get involved in what ever way we can.  Your donation will go a long way to helping our kids on the Autism Spectrum.  Thank you!

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