Two pieces at the Register…

Two pieces at the Register… April 20, 2015

From Friday, a look at how critics of the Church are so eager to contradict her that they do not mind contradicting themselves in the process.

And, for today, a little look at the question of swearing and vulgarity.

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  • petey

    i’m going to say some harsh words.

    critics of the church are not united by their criticism of the church. they have their own (better or worse) developed philosophies, one element of which is criticism of this or that practice or quality of the roman church. to lump fundamentalists and the jesus seminar together because they dispute, differently, some element of catholic teaching or practice is a narcissistic canard.

    this reminds me of what i heard from some speaker from the nation of islam after the US invasion of iraq and afghanistan. “this is obviously a war against islam,” he said. i have no use for those acts of adventurism rationalized with lies and appeals to the last refuge of scoundrels, but it was a war on islam only to someone who thinks everyone else is focused on islam. likewise, opponents of the RCC “contradict each other” only to someone who thinks that everyone else is focused on the RCC.

    the orthodox church also believes that the bible to be the written
    Word of God. the orthodox church has sacramental practice. what would a fundamentalist and a jesus seminar person think about that church?

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      Precious little. The East may as well not exist for all the consideration it gets from Fundies and Jesus Seminarians.

      I didn’t think your words harsh, btw, but your paragraphs are disjointed and the whole makes little sense. Perhaps you could develop why the OP reminds you of the Nation of Islam?

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      I don’t think the article implied that the critics of the Catholic Church were united, but that they are so not-united that the Church gets accused of being two totally contradictory things (from two different critics). I’ve seen the atheist or “skeptic” confidently dismiss Catholicism as being irrational and anti-science, and in the same week encounter a Fundamentalist friend who thinks the Catholic Church has “sold out to secularism” because they haven’t made a huge, world-wide public statement supporting Young Earth Creationism. It isn’t that one side is making both arguments, but that completely opposite accusations are coming from two different sides.

    • sez

      The same as they say to the Catholic Church, of course.

      While some protestants plant themselves on one side in error and other protestants sit solidly on the other side in error, there are actually many who argue first one side then the other, as Mark demonstrated in paragraphs 9 & 10 about a film critic. Yes: it really happens. And the reason is because their goal isn’t the truth; their goal is to denigrate the Catholic Church. “In short, any stigma will do to beat a dogma.”, as Mark points out.

  • Sigroli

    Please, folks! At all costs, please try to avoid narcissistic canards.

  • TheConductor

    Catholics are overgrown children who seek comfort in belief in an imaginary sky god who will rub their tummies and make everything OK. But Catholics are also cowards who cower in fear of an imaginary sky god who will cast everyone into fiery perdition for the slightest infraction of his arbitrary rules.

    You’re right, Mark; this IS fun.

  • StHilarious

    Quote: “A trip to an Internet list group … This is, however, all to the good for the intrepid Catholic who takes seriously the fact that “in everything God works for the good with those who love him” (Romans 8:28)”. All you need to do now is provide evidence that God loves those who refuse to repent of having multiple masters and ignore His command not to seek knowledge elsewhere, like Adam and Eve.Then you would make a point. What you do is provide a large list of unsubstantiated allegations, known as flooding, so it becomes nearly impossible to refute that in one sitting. It is just as well, that I am able to see through your ranting and point out where you need to repent, so you can become a Christian.