A reader urgently asks for help

A reader urgently asks for help May 21, 2015

She writes:

Urgent prayer request, Mark, I left my ex over a year ago. It hasn’t been easy. Today is the last day to get my phone bill paid (no more extensions) and it’s my lifeline with the kids. Please pray we get the $110 to keep it on and keep going. Thank you!

Father, hear our prayer for this woman and her family that she can find the help she needs to meet her bills and maintain contact with her kids through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary, pray for this woman and her family.

If you can help please do so by clicking here (she’s on the East Coast so this needs to happen fast):

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  • Peggy

    I’ll pray for you to get the $. But also consider letting it disconnect and get a contract free, pay as you go mobile phone with nationwide service. You can activate pretty quickly. Buy as many minutes as you can at a time. Tracfone is very cheap. Also consider T Mobile and other contract free phone services.

    May God be with you.

  • Greg Goremykin

    I’m scraping by on disability myself but donated 10 bucks, I’d like to implore everyone who reads this to donate the same. If I can afford, literally anyone can.

  • Clare Krishan

    Praying in PA, donated also with tip to a local non-profit that focuses on vulnerable families… but a word of caution: the identity of the Paypal account is linked to an email account that has some rather odd history tracked on the internet (which of course doesn’t negate a current existential need, but might cast doubts in our sympathy with the back story), I trust Mark checks out the folks he posts so hope no scam artists are ever recommended for our support?

  • Greg Goremykin

    Good point Clare, although I guess I’ve done worse with my money than donated it to someone who wasn’t honest. I’m kind of stupid when it come to stuff like this, is it pretty complicated to explain in layman’s terms, or is there some type of step-by-step list that I could try myself to determine myself if there are “red-flags” associated with a particular paypal email account. If it’s not practical to do so, or would involve too much work to “dumb-it-down” I completely understand, but I don’t want to not donate if someone really is honestly in need, and my discernment of another’s intentions doesn’t work as well over the internet, haha. In any case, thank you for the information you shared Clare.