Demented Home Invasions by Police…

Demented Home Invasions by Police… May 21, 2015

in Wisconsin. Bizarre.

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  • Irksome1

    This is not “bizarre.” This is a dismally predictable result of the broad and unreviewable prosecutorial powers that we, as citizens, have allowed our district attorneys.

    • quasimodo

      This is not bizarre, indeed and if you are not aware of how common it is becoming for cops to raid houses on flimsy cause, you are not paying attention.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Didn’t someone fight a Revolution about this kind of stuff? Round about 1776? Or am I remembering that wrong? Silly me. Oh, never mind. I wonder what the Kardashians are up to?

  • SteveP

    Obviously the raids were law enforcement looking for shellfish illegally purchased with EBT cards.

    • jaybird1951

      No, they were raids ordered by a fiercely partisan Democrat prosecutor as revenge for the victims’ support for Gov. Walker’s policies. Funny that Mark didn’t point that out in his intro.

      • chezami

        I totally linked this article in order to make the Dem prosecutor look *fantastic*. It’s like you can read my very *soul*!

        • Ben Hammer

          “…it’s like you can read my very *soul*!”
          A couple of observations: yesterday you claimed that republicans jump up and down for joy when people have their water shut off. “…it’s like you can read my very *soul*!” As a matter of fact, you continually lump rebublicans into a gigantic pot full of smear. It is Democrats, that have run the cities of Detroit and Balitome, for close to 60 years. It is democrats that are shutting off the water. The title of the blogs, leads one to believe that it is cops, at the heart of the home invasion. It is much more sinister than that. A very high ranking state judge, was involved! The democrat party in Wisconsin came after a man and is family for having impure political thoughts, and your takeaway was the cops?

          • quasimodo

            well said

            • quasimodo

              that is well said, Ben

      • SteveP

        What’s funny is the fervor of a Cheesehead to order the lives of other Cheeseheads.

  • Sigroli

    I have trouble believing this… it reads like bad television to me.

  • This is of a piece with the weaponizing of the IRS and other bureaucracies to engage in ideological warfare. It is not bizarre, but rather part of a growing movement.

  • cmfe

    This is slander against John Chisholm. Scott Walker has been able to fly under the radar with a lot of ongoing corruption because of Koch brothers money. What are investigators supposed to do, tell people that they’re going to be checking their computer records the day before they show up? I live in Wisconsin. Six of Walker’s staffers have been convicted of felonies already. What’s really shocking is how little has been done about just how dirty Scott Walker is. If he had gotten the kind of scrutiny that politicians got on the coasts, he would be toast like Christie. Coming from the midwest has been his greatest advantage.