Support the Center for the New Evangelization

Support the Center for the New Evangelization May 21, 2015

Paul Catalanotto writes:

In the midst of the culture wars, I thought your readers my take some comfort in some of the things going on at my school.  Saint John XXIII College Preparatory in Katy, TX is in its 11th year and is dedicated to keeping the Catholicity in Catholic schooling.  Our enrollment is nearing 400 students and and necessitated more buildings.  We have started a Capital Campaign and building project, which is about half complete at the moment, and a portion of the new building will be dedicated as the Our Lady of Guadalupe Center for the New Evangelization.

The following YouTube link is a promotional video in which the department head explains what the Theology department and the Center for the New Evangelization do and plan to do in the coming years.

If any of your readers believe in what we are doing over at St. John XXIII and want to contribute to the project, they can do so here and select Capital Campaign.

However, this email is not about raising funds.  I simply want to let other know that there are Catholics schools out there that are still trying to evangelize its students and be faithful to the Church’s teachings.

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