When Judging is a Virtue

When Judging is a Virtue May 18, 2015

is under discussion over at the Register.  In it, we answer the challenging (for postmoderns) question: Was Dachau evil?  Then we talk about why such a stupid question is challenging for postmoderns.

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  • Petee

    I was wondering how long it would be before the “librul amoral elitist!” meme was played, and there it is:
    “This is exactly what people who have not spent years in a university
    unlearning common sense do when they declare Dachau an anteroom of Hell.”
    a: i”ve spent years in a university and have made my livelihood from academics. it’s what i always wanted to do, and I’m deeply grateful for my achievement.
    b: Dachau is the anteroom to hell.
    c: and otoh, the Nazis, the people who did those things and came up with a rationalization, weren’t exactly university material.
    now, how are you going to put your brain back together after combining all those?

    • chezami

      I repeat: The conversation was with a Vice President at the University of Washington.