Young Dad Transforms How Kids Learn About Saints

Young Dad Transforms How Kids Learn About Saints May 29, 2015

Reader Dominic de Souza writes:

​​I have published a website to transform the way we learn about the saints: a social network through which the saints come to life online. Catechists and parents struggle to teach children about the lives of the saints in a manner relevant to modern technology. is the first website to aggregate galleries, videos, information and references through an elegant, beautiful experience. The saints are always online.

Here is our review on

And here’s our introductory article: “Introducing Saintnook: Transforming the Way We Learn About Saints”

​I was  born and raised Catholic and have worked as a graphic designer in Front Royal for 2 years, happily married with a wife and toddler.

Check thou it out!

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  • Thanks Mark for sharing!

  • Busy Boys Brigade

    Recently discovered Saint Nook & I’m already hooked! Such a wonderful resource for Catholic homeschoolers like us! Will be using with my boys!!

  • Thank you Mark for sharing about Saintnook! As a team member of
    Saintnook, I am so thrilled and blessed to work on this project with
    Dominic and the team to bring the Saints’ lives into social media in a
    new, fun and exciting way! The Saintnook team is passionate about the
    Saints and love learning about their lives! We pray Saintnook will help
    others have this same passion and love that we have!
    God bless! Tracy @