Hey! It’s Chesterton’s Birthday!

Hey! It’s Chesterton’s Birthday! May 29, 2015

And everything is 29% off over at Chesterton Press. Click the adorable graphic to go get some bargains!

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  • The Lost Dutchman

    (notices Chesterton’s facial hair and your facial hair)
    (notices Chesterton was a convert and you’re a convert)
    (notices Chesterton lived in a rainy, football-crazed country and you live in a rainy, football-crazed (both kinds) state)
    (notices Chesterton’s sense of humor and your sense of humor)
    (notices prominent thing about Chesterton that it would be impolite to mention directly and prominent thing about you that it would be impolite to mention directly)

    That’s odd- I didn’t think Catholics believed in reincarnation.