Here’s a healthy Catholic at prayer

Here’s a healthy Catholic at prayer June 8, 2015

Kevin Vickers calls day after Parliament Hill shooting ‘loneliest moment of my life’

Former House of Commons sergeant-at-arms opens up during acceptance speech of Mount Allison honorary degree

Vickers immediately arranged for the local priest to say a mass at his family home, during which his mother prayed for the mother of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, who was killed standing sentry at the National War Memorial, and the mother of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, who gunned down the soldier.

It was there, at that mass, surrounded by his extended family, that Vickers also said a prayer for Zehaf-Bibeau.

“It kind of occurred to me that [Jesus], after he was crucified, the first person he let into the kingdom of heaven was the man crucified next to him — a convicted criminal,” he said.

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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    I started my first teaching job the fall after the Columbine shooting. The priest at my new parish was the only person I heard reminding us that the shooters needed more prayers than their victims (it made some people really mad). This reminds me of that.

  • LFM

    It is right and just.