It’s Part I of the Catholic Religion Quiz

It’s Part I of the Catholic Religion Quiz June 8, 2015

over at the Register. Have fun!

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  • SteveP

    That was a fun quiz Mark. Are you grading on a curve? I don’t want it to negatively affect my GPA.

  • Artevelde

    Heretics they may be, but Sabellians sound positively refreshing compared to some of the more modern twaddle in this quiz, Mark.

    • HornOrSilk

      But don’t you want to follow the neo-Sabellian neo-Messalians?

      • Artevelde

        Crazy Ecumenical Quiz for people with a good heart and an unpleasant disposition, part I.

        is the following statement true or false:

        – Using the Eastern word ”Sabellianism” instead of the Western ”Patripassianism” is in itself a tacit admission that the Catholic position on the Filioque is semi-Sabellian.

        • HornOrSilk

          The filioque is necessary 😛

  • Petee

    I am 100% Catholic.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Is there am honor roll?

  • prairiebunny

    Do you think the Pope Francis could pass this test? He is you know a Jesuit.