Laudato Si on Libertarian Social Darwinism vs. Lazarus

Laudato Si on Libertarian Social Darwinism vs. Lazarus June 24, 2015

What happens with politics? Let us keep in mind the principle of subsidiarity, which grants freedom to develop the capabilities present at every level of society, while also demanding a greater sense of responsibility for the common good from those who wield greater power. Today, it is the case that some economic sectors exercise more power than states themselves. But economics without politics cannot be justified, since this would make it impossible to favour other ways of handling the various aspects of the present crisis. The mindset which leaves no room for sincere concern for the environment is the same mindset which lacks concern for the inclusion of the most vulnerable members of society. For “the current model, with its emphasis on success and self-reliance, does not appear to favour an investment in efforts to help the slow, the weak or the less talented to find opportunities in life”.

Compare and contrast:

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  • Not quite sure why Media Matters would use Rush Limbaugh’s image on a rant by Not Rush Limbaugh unless it’s because Limbaugh is Satan and everybody is supposed to hate him.

    • chezami

      Because the ranter was guest hosting Limbaugh’s show.

      • Last week you were complaining about memes using photos of Pope Francis with quotations not actually from the Pope. This isn’t exactly the same thing but close enough to call them out for it.

        • chezami

          Meh. Limbaugh is responsible for who put behind the Golden EIB Microphone.