Another followup on Kreed

Another followup on Kreed July 9, 2015

His family really need our help:

Kreed just had a CAT scan, his lungs have edema and the sacs aren’t filling with air properly and he’ll be in the PICU for at least two weeks, probably inpatient for all of three weeks. And I’ve just been told that the state he just moved to has denied him medicaid, so the family will be paying out of pocket after insurance for all of this treatment. They’re trying another gofundme to help pay the medical costs, and here it is, in case any of your readers want to help with this. Thank you!

"It is great website, thanks for pointing it out."

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  • orual’s kindred

    Prayers for Kreed, his family and those in charge of his care and treatment! Prayers as well that the costs be properly paid for!