Fr. Robert Barron is Auxiliary Bishop-Elect to LA

Fr. Robert Barron is Auxiliary Bishop-Elect to LA July 21, 2015

Booyah and hooray!  My only sadness is that he is no longer going to be in charge of forming our priests at Mundelein.  But still: booyah!

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  • MarylandBill

    I wonder what this means for Word on Fire and his youtube videos? Still, we need his leadership.

    • Guest

      This is an utterly amateur reading of the matter, worth exactly what you’re paying for it. But with the other two auxiliary bishops coming from Los Angeles themselves (the Vicar General and a diocesan pastor) I can’t help but think that the choice of Los Angeles for his new assignment was an intentional tie-in to Fr. Barron’s apostolate on the part of the Pope.

      • Dan13

        Either you are right or Father Barron is being groomed to be an archbishop somewhere.

        • Guest

          Well it worked for Ven. Fulton, didn’t it?

          • Dan13

            Not exactly. He was named Bishop of Rochester, New York and when his health got a little shaky, he retired and the Pope made him a titular archbishop (like the Curia archbishops are).

            • Guest

              Fair enough.

  • It may be my contrarian nature, but the image that comes to mind for me is Captain Kirk being made an admiral. It is, in the words of Spock, “a waste of material.”

    As bishop we get one Bishop Barron. If he had been rector at Mundelein for 15+ years we could have had 100s of Fr. Barrons.

    • Evelyn

      Good point.

  • CradleRevert

    Prayers for Fr. Barron in his new assignment.

    If I could pinpoint an area of the U.S. which desperately needed to be preached of the real possibility of hell after death, SoCal would be at the top of my list. Let’s hope that Fr. Barron rethinks some of his Balthasarian theological views as a bishop so as to better compliment many of his other great contributions to the Church.

  • FavaBeans

    Bittersweet, alas. Now Archbishop Cupich is free to turn Mundelein back into a gay brothel.

    • Dan13

      That’s rather unnecessary.

      • AquinasMan

        Come on down, Father Pfleger! You’re the next rector at … !

        • S. Murphy

          But he won’t leave St Sabina’s for any evil plot to kick him upstairs or distract from his mission of being the only priest the good people of That parish can trust. 😉

          • S. Murphy

            I don’t know how I managed to capitalize ‘that,’ but I was only joking about Fr Pfleger’s refusal to move when Cardinal George tried to move him, not making a snide comment about the St Sabina’s.

    • chezami

      Like you know. Rash judgment much?

      • Athelstane

        Fava’s “gay brothel” crack was out of line.

        That said, while there’s nothing wrong and perhaps a lot right with taking satisfaction for Bishop Barron’s new position and what it could mean for Los Angeles, there is plenty of reason to believe that there were less edifying reasons for it, ones involving getting him out of his current job. Los Angeles’s gain, in this case, truly is Chicago’s loss. You, perhaps more than anyone, Mark, know enough about Chicago’s current ordinary and his record with seminaries to have any illusions on this score.

  • Mark

    Was waiting for the “booyah! See! See! Pope Francis is not a liberal! See! Awesomest Pope EVER!” lol ;-P

    • chezami

      That is because you are afflicted with a culture war disease that does not think with the Church, but with the slogans and shibboleths of American political culture. How sad that *everything* has to be an ocassion of contempt for the pope and bitching and complaining. Can’t you just be happy?

      • S. Murphy

        He said it w a winky face. It was a joke.

        • chezami

          I don’t think so.

  • Fr. RP

    Not a big fan of Fr. Barron, but not an enemy either. This is being done to clear St. Mary’s of the Lake for a new rector chosen by the new archbishop of Chicago. My advice to all who are presently enrolled at St. Mary’s: Pray, fast and do penance and shut up, or you’re gone, gone and gone.