Bishop Barron Mini-Bonanza!

Bishop Barron Mini-Bonanza! September 25, 2015

I’m clearing out my mailbox and have a bunch of Barronian/esque/ite/ish mail

Here, f’rinstance is a piece he wrote on “Why You Need Spiritual Food

And here’s another recent piece on why “Mother Nature is One Unreliable Lady

And here is Bill Doino, Jr., writing on “Father Barron’s Affirmative Faith“. He remarks on the piece:

One of the things I learned in researching this is how close Father Barron’s method of evangelization is to Pope Francis’s. Instead of bursting out of the gate and hitting people hard over the head with the moral and cultural issues–essential as they are– Father Barron talks about the fundamentals: God, the Trinity, Revelation, the Incarnation, salvation, sin, prayer, and eternal life first. Then he comes charging in, powerfully, as does Francis, with the moral consequences.

Father Barron understands, as does Francis, that if we expect Catholics to live good moral lives, we have to theologically and spiritually educate them– and make them better and more committed Christians first–we can also inspire them by highlighting the splendors of the Church, and this is one of Father Barron’s enduring strengths–I’m sure he will be a superb Bishop, and one with an even brighter future after this appointment

And here is a picture Fr. Steve Grunow sent along recently of Fr. Barron, Brandon Vogt, Fr. Grunow and me on a memorable evening back in 2012.

We spent the evening making plans to get Fr. Barron elected bishop and then spring Hitler, Genghis Khan, Nero, and Attila the Hun from hell.

Phase one is complete. Proceeding to Phase two.

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