Jindal “Never Imagined” His State with the Highest Gun Violence Rate Would have a Gun Slaughter

Jindal “Never Imagined” His State with the Highest Gun Violence Rate Would have a Gun Slaughter July 25, 2015

No. Really. A public official charged with the public good never imagined what anybody with common sense could have told you was bound to happen when you slash mental health funding and do everything in your power to put guns into the hands of lunatics.

“This should never happen anywhere, but you certainly never imagine, you never imagine it would happen in Louisiana, never imagine it would happen in Lafayette.”

In the state with the highest rate of gun violence in the Union, Jindal is surprised. It’s like the governor of Oklahoma saying he never imagined Oklahoma would see a devastating tornado, so of course he closed the tornado shelters.

Jindal made access to guns immensely easier, so that a psycho like the Lafayette shooter could, like most mass murderers, obtain his guns legally. He has indulged in the normal lies of the NRA, fantasizing about portly suburban Louisianans fighting off the 101st Airborne when it comes to march us all into Obama’s shariah re-education camps.

And he has done so while wilfully ignoring the highest gun violence rate in the country in his own jurisdiction. Any Louisiana politician too blind, stupid, or dishonest to say he could not have imagined this week’s human sacrifice to the Gun Cult he has prostituted himself to so thoroughly is not fit for dog catcher, let alone president of the United States.

By the end of this year, we will not be engaged in a civil war with Obama vs. “patriots” (as the butcher in Lafayette saw himself). But we will, with statistical certainty, have totted up this year’s harvest of 32 thousand corpses yet again. And we may very well be on track to have achieved the dubious distinction of 365 mass murders in 365 days.

And the NRA’s only reply to this–ever–is to denounce people who scream “ENOUGH!” as “politicizing tragedy” when they try to stop the next human sacrifice to the Gun Cult–and then to take to the airwaves to demand MOAR GUNS and to fill the ears of the Cult with the mantras about guns not killing people and good people with guns stopping bad ones and people will just use rocks if they can’t get guns and all the other lies and fallacies. And it is all calculated to make sure absolutely nothing changes so that, by the end of 2016, yet another 32 thousand people who are alive now will be dead and the gun industry, for which the NRA is chief whore and prostitute, will be richer still.

May God destroy the power of the Gun Cult through Christ our Lord. It is a force for evil in our public life just as Planned Parenthood is. May he break the back of both and lay them in the same grave, forgotten forever. Mother Mary, Queen of Life, obtain that grace for our country.

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