We don’t have a nuke problem with Iran

We don’t have a nuke problem with Iran July 27, 2015

Rush Limbaugh, America’s Truth Detector writes:

Thousands Rally Against Iran Deal in Times Square — This was an anti-Obama-Iran nuke deal rally last night in Times Square. There are a lot of people there, but this picture is the only one I have seen.

Minor detail. The picture he links is from a 2013 rally about Trayvon Martin.

But the big issue is this: Nuclear weapons don’t kill people, Rush. People kill people. Sin is in the heart! If Iran doesn’t get a nuke it will just use a rock to kill–and what’s the difference? People are still just as dead. We have to stop talking about band-aid solutions like “Keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of crazy terrorists” and start addressing root causes like video games and violent music and fatherlessness. When will nuke control libtards like you get that, Rush? If Iran wants a nuke it will get a nuke. There’s no point in trying to pass laws against it. When nukes are outlawed, only outlaws will have nukes.

I love applied NRA theology!

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