Crisis Magazine Surveys a World Full of Sin and Evil…

Crisis Magazine Surveys a World Full of Sin and Evil… August 19, 2015

and wisely decides to run yet *another* hit piece on the threat of faithful, obedientt, holy, and chaste Catholics who are same-sex attracted. Because it’s just not enough to be faithful to the Church in thought, word and deed when you are gay. You need to be punished, accused and scolded, not for what you do, but for your temptations.  And Crisis now exists to do that on a regular basis.

For some reason, watching the spectacle of punishment Crisis doles out even to gay people who have sacrificed a huge amount in order to remain faithful to the gospel, non-Catholic gays get the distinct impression that *nothing* they do will ever make them acceptable to the Jesus that men like Deacon Jim Russell preach.

Melinda Selmys takes this mean, merciless and silly piece apart till there is nothing left of it. Good for her.

Let’s stop for a moment and think about this seriously. Prever is not an activist. He’s not a heretic. He is deeply supportive of Courage, and thinks that there should be Courage chapters in more Catholic dioceses. He’s a gay Catholic who believes in the Church’s teachings, and who has taken a great deal of flack for defending those teachings in public. He’s reasonably supportive of reparative therapy, and even has positive things to say about organizations that are seen as unadulterated (and dangerous) lunacy by everyone except the most conservative of the conservative.

This is the young man who should be no-platformed by the Church? Umm? Just how small and exclusive does Jim Russell want his echo chamber to be?

Apparently pretty fucking small. As Russell writes, “Simply said, being “gay” is not enough; being a “gay Catholic” is not enough; being a “celibate, gay Catholic” is not enough. And even being a “chaste, celibate, gay Catholic” is not enough.” In order to have a public existence in Jim Russell’s Church, you have to be a carefully groomed mascot for Jim Russell’s pet theories about SSA and Theology of the Body. Anything less and you should be silenced – both for the good of the Church, and for your own good.

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