Everybody is Talking about the Grisly Video Exposing our Culture of Death

Everybody is Talking about the Grisly Video Exposing our Culture of Death August 26, 2015

So many people have seen it and said, “Maybe *now* people will stop responding to the horror that is happening all over America countless times every day.  Maybe now they will stop saying ‘Oh well, there’s nothing you can do.  And besides it’s my *right*!’  Maybe now they will finally stop making excuses for doing nothing and join with the many others who say that human life is precious and we need to find ways to preserve it, not make excuses for killing it.  Maybe now, they will see the humanity of the victims and not let their fears about an imaginary dystopian future blind them to the very real deaths they are laboring to excuse and facilitate right now.”

But most likely they will, just like the people defending Planned Parenthood, go on defending the Gun Cult’s constant apologias for maintaining the status quo and laboring only to line the pockets of gun manufacturers.

Prolife people meet the challenge of abortion by saying that they will never ever give up the struggle to oppose it no matter how much the culture and the law are presently against them.  They are heroic in virtue and let nothing daunt to their will to fight for human life.  I say that we need to have exactly the same attitude to our annual harvest of 32,000 corpses slaughtered by the gun.  Instead of working as hard as possible to figure out reasons why nothing should so much as be attempted, why not approach this with “What can we do? After all, the gun slaughter has been stanched in other countries. What can we attempt?” Would you approach the our abortion rate with, “Oh well, whaddayagonnadoo? No point in even trying.”  But the Gun Cult does that literally every day, since there is, literally every day, a fresh mass shooting which is greeted every day with “It’s too soon!  Don’t politicize this tragedy by trying to stop the next one!” and “What this proves is that we need MOAR  GUNS!”

This, by the way, is what I mean by the Gun Cult.  It is not “Anybody who owns a gun or enjoys shooting or thinks he needs to protect himself.”  Rather, the Gun Cult is that sector of the Culture of Death which greets every fresh slaughter of our annual 32,000 pile of corpses not with, “Dear God, what steps can we take to reduce this horror show?” but with “Screw you! Don’t take my guns!” or “Do nothing. Attempt nothing. All action is futile” or with a host of braindead fallacies (Hey!  He just would have used a rock to kill all those children if he hadn’t had a gun!) all calculated to make sure that the only actual concrete step taken after each slaughter is to make sure the gun manufacturing industry’s profits go up. That is the Gun Cult in a nutshell. Not all gun enthusiasts are members of the Cult. But if you behave in any of the ways above, you are. Human life is less important to you than your idol, the Gun and you counsel passivity in the face of evil just as surely as the PP rep who says, “Abortion is legal and inevitable. If you try to stop it people will just find some other way to get it done.”  When your first, last, and only response to Sandy Hook is to counsel doing nothing and, as the NRA did, to encourage people to believe that the parents of the slaughtered children at Sandy Hook were part of a conspiracy to make the Gun Cult look bad, you are part of the problem.



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