“He’s just saying what we’re all thinking”

“He’s just saying what we’re all thinking” August 28, 2015

Prickly City: It is her vs Trump; the insults fly!

The Frankenstein Id Monster base of the GOP don’t seem to get that this is the most damning self-indictment they could possibly give to the world.

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  • Re_Actor

    Whatever else he may be, Trump is a troll of genius.

    • Joseph

      Definitely the Master of Trolls. Imagine, he’s even trolling the presidential election. His bust shall reign in the Troll Hall of Fame.

  • Doyle

    Trump vs. Hillary
    Who has your vote?

    • chezami


      • Newp Ort

        Vote for a third party?

        • Mark has given up on voting for less than perfect candidates. The person must be pure.

          • Hezekiah Garrett

            Youve been here long enough to know that isn’t true. The candidate must not endorse evil as a matter of policy. That’s a much lower bar than being pure.

            • You’ll never find a candidate that doesn’t support some sort of evil. If he or she is OK on the abortion, he probably fails the no torture test, or the death penalty test or the gun control test. Sorry, but I stand by my observation that Mark’s candidates must be pure.

          • Newp Ort

            Aww, it was a joke. My picture of Kang and Kodos saying “go ahead! Throw your vote away!” Didn’t show up.
            Did it work this time? If you can’t see it click this link: https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ

          • chezami
    • Stu

      I wouldn’t vote for either. But I would much prefer Trump. He is open about who he is, warts and all.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    He has the mind of a tyrant, I think. But that only important if it’s the OTHER party, I guess.

  • Re_Actor
    • Ken

      I really hope we don’t get to the point where we have to decide between Trump and Hillary. Based on his arrogance he isn’t going to be open to listening or swayed into anything. The writer is dreaming.

  • Stu

    I think many continue to miss the appeal of Donald Trump.



    People are just sick of do-nothing politicians who don’t stand for anything and come across as weak.

    Trump is an outsider, says what he thinks (seemingly) and does have a reputation for getting things done.

    So yesterday, two of my minority employees were talking about him. Not guys who are part of the GOP by any means. They support him wholeheartedly. Surprised me, but nevertheless it is the case. I suspect they are not the only ones.

    • ManyMoreSpices

      Trump… says what he thinks (seemingly)[.]

      I’d say that the most important qualifier is that Trump says what he thinks at this moment. I’m not going to say he’s presently lying, but even if I could get my hands around what he believes as of August 28, 2015, I have zero confidence that he will hold those positions in the future.

      If all the gears in his head spin and manage to align in a way that causes him to articulate all the positions I support, I still couldn’t trust him. Because more than anything else, I think those gears will keep spinning.

      • Stu

        We see it exactly the same way. But even with that, I think many may be willing to overlook all of that.

    • Joseph

      He’s a troll, nothing more, nothing less. The the mass appeal is not some media fabrication to ensure that Bernie Sanders doesn’t threaten their darling, Clinton, then it’s only because everyone wants to see an end to the Bush/Clinton/Cheney/Obama oligarchy… and Americans don’t even take democracy seriously anymore. It would seem that, if his surge in popularity/infamy is true, it’s simply because Americans have finally come to the realisation that the Presidential race is no more than Prom King/Queen election, a popularity contest. It doesn’t matter who we vote for, we’re going to get the same ‘ol sh*t anyway… so it’s about whether or not the person is a woman, is black, looks cool, sounds cool, is an ideological fool, etc. Trump is just an ass… and that would be why anyone would show interest in him. He’s a blatant ass! To say you’re supporting him is to spit in the eye of our fake system which pretends to empower us. It’s a way of saying, “You see! I’ll take this ASS who I *know* is going to destroy my country before I take the usual gruel you’re constantly putting before me!”.
      It’s called frustration. Nobody really thinks Trump would fix things. Any support he may have is out of spite… and that’s pretty much it.

      • Joseph

        *If the mass appeal…

    • Petee

      “does have a reputation for getting things done.”

      like bankruptcy, he’s done that more than once.

      • Stu

        Every President since Eisenhower has been overdrawn in a sense. Bankruptcy in businees happens just as those who take risk sometimes faill. Something to be said for ones who rebound.

  • Elmwood

    does it really matter when our ruling elites give us a choice between hillary and jeb? i’d take trump over those two.

    jeb and the rest of the candidates are so bad that trump looks like a good alternative, that’s what is so stupefying.

    i guarantee that if jeb is elected we’ll be starting a war in the desert somewhere, hillary too.

  • Eve Fisher

    We are essentially living in 1921 Italy. And Benito Mussolini was notorious for “just saying what everyone else is thinking.” You don’t think it can happen here?

    • Re_Actor

      Fascism grows best in the manure of liberalism.

      • Eve Fisher

        You might read a few of the contemporary “Inside Europe” books by John Gunther. They report – from the ground – a far different view.

        • Re_Actor

          What did Mr Gunther have to say about fascism?

          • Eve Fisher

            He reported it as it happened – fascism was anti-democratic, anti-liberal (both were weak and materialistic in the fascistic view), anti-socialist, anti-Semitic, ultra-nationalistic, and worshiped power. It was the lower middle classes that really BELIEVED in Fascism; they were being worn down by capitalism and they were frightened of Marxism. But it was the upper class elites that handed power over to the fascists, much as they’d hire a bodyguard. The elites weren’t much in favor of democracy anyway – why let the rabble vote? – and both the middle classes and the elites said, well, at least the fascists were strong.

            • Re_Actor

              Might not that account suggest that fascism was, at least in part, a reaction to the political chaos and moral degeneracy that flowered under liberal democracy?

              • Eve Fisher

                Try after the political and economic chaos that flowered in the aftermath of WWI in Europe. WWI was one of the great disasters in European history, and afterwards, everyone was shaken because everything they believed going in had been destroyed. Nobody won. The continent was in ruins. An entire generation – millions – of young men were dead. Because of total war, the economies were in ruins. Only the elites – who had the “right” investments in land/armanents – and war profiteers did well, and they wanted to protect what they had kept from all those whose livelihoods had been destroyed. Banks failed left and right. The Depression started in Europe years before it ever hit the US. That’s what made fascism flower: because they promised strength, jobs, wealth, and a return to glory. For a brief, giddy period, it looked good (as long as you didn’t mind a totalitarian fascist government, and as long as you weren’t the unapproved ethnic group). But then came the reckoning: WW2. No 1000 year Reich, no return to Roman Empire, just death and destruction in abundance.

                • Re_Actor

                  So if, as you suggest, current conditions in the USA are essentially the same as those that led to the rise of fascism in Europe, what was the equivalent of WWI?

                  • Eve Fisher

                    Good question. The interminable Gulf/Afghanistan Wars? They’ve certainly bankrupted us, in almost every sense of the word.

                    • Andy

                      what you reported from Mr. Gunther is indeed a message that we should all pay heed to –

  • LFM

    I think that when people say “He’s just saying what we’re all thinking” they don’t mean it quite as literally as Mark takes it. What they mean is, rather, that Trump is helping to break the stranglehold of political correctness on public debate because he is utterly insensitive to disapproval and lacks any form of self-restraint when speaking. Of course a great deal of what he says is absolute nonsense, but if he does help to make a certain kind of dissent from “liberal” illiberalism legitimate and permissible, he will have done your country a service. The danger is that he’ll go so far as to have the reverse effect, and people will shy away from such dissent for fear of being compared to him. That doesn’t seem to be happening, though. People seem to be learning that it is possible to brazen out social media storms simply by ignoring them, rather than by apologizing abjectly.

    • Petee

      “I think that when people say “He’s just saying what we’re all thinking” they don’t mean it quite as literally as Mark takes it.”

      oh, yes, they do.

      • LFM

        Some. Not all. Did you read the rest of what I wrote? I’ve spoken to many Americans who do not like Trump but who are grateful for his presence for precisely the reasons I gave.