I am informed Earth 2.0 leaves my faith in ruins

I am informed Earth 2.0 leaves my faith in ruins August 12, 2015

Another fundamentalist atheist who has never heard of the doctrine of angels thinks that the discovery of non-human intelligence should ruin the Christian faith and then laments that Christians are too intellectually adaptable to be as rigid as his fundamentalism demands:

Just like they eventually swept under the rug being wrong about earth’s position in the heavens. Or evolution. They will create contorted justifications to support this view, cite a few passages of the bible that could mean anything, and declare victory. Don’t say I did not warn you.

It must feel like Wile E. Coyote to be a fundamentalist atheist sure that *this* time SCIENCE will kill the Roadrunner of the Faith, only to find that Christians are all like, “Cool! New Planet! Wouldn’t it be even more cool if there was life on it!”

It’s like the Far Side cartoon with the guy whistling as he pushes a wheelbarrow through the pits of heel and the demons are muttering “I just don’t think we’re reaching that guy!”

Sorry, old man. Too bad. Keep trying. Reflect on the fact that the existence of non-human created intelligences sharing the universe with us is as ancient as the belief in angels and demons. If God has also created organic intelligences elsewhere, that’s not really that big a deal, theologically speaking (though it would be extremely cool).

Mike Flynn explains it all for you.

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  • The pits of what? I thought it was just peeling skin.

  • An atheist told me this in the comment column of a blog:

    “I have no perception of anything supernatural thankfully. I never trust
    my perceptions as human perception is so often wrong. Also my sense of
    perception is underwhelming to say the least.”

    My wife commented that he had produced an Escher illustration in words.

  • Caspar

    It’s all in Lewis, all in Lewis! My goodness, what do they teach in schools these days?

    • jonnybeeski

      I see what you did there, Professor Kirke.

  • orual’s kindred

    Can anyone explain or point me to where I can read further about Saint Christopher, particularly with regards to dog-heads? I would greatly appreciate it!

  • Artevelde

    When *that* kind of atheist talks to me, it’s another Far Side cartoon that comes to mind. I am the dog.

  • Tweck

    The anti-theists will do anything to pick us apart, science only even accepted the plausibility of the idea in the late 20th century, while meanwhile the Church settled the implications of this one CENTURIES ago! Amazing how little historical research these folks are willing to do before declaring our faith incompatible with their findings.

    On the flip-side, I think it’s funny how the scientific community cries out, “Eureka! Life!” based on (admittedly exciting) measurements of a star’s wobble.

  • Alma Peregrina

    These kind of atheists, depressed for having so many christians around them not buying into their “enlightening”, sound to me exactly like this:

    PS: Sorry for the profanity in the 00:02 of the vídeo.


    • wlinden

      What I never get an explanation for is how they simultaneously complain about being oppressed by the big bad Christian majority, and treat “Christian” as something strange and abnormal which has nothing to do with the people they see on the street.

  • Gregory N.

    Thank you very much, Mark, for posting this as I saw that piece on HuffPo a few weeks ago, and I was utterly appalled at its shallow grasp of history, philosophy, theology, and biblical studies. What especially horrified me is that this scientist was a White House advisor! And popular science writer! But he simply sounds ignorant here.

    It just seems to me to be yet another example of how narrow academicians are – that they are trained in “their thing” and suddenly they can comment on other fields with which they have no familiarity at all. Hence brilliant people like biologist Richard Dawkins and physicist Stephen Hawking (and, alas (!), even my childhood idol, Bill Nye and his far more nauseating counterpart, DeGrasse Tyson) falling over sideways when it comes to the humanities.

    Before this writer pecked a single letter on his keyboard, he should have read the following:

    The Priestly Vision of Genesis 1 Mark S. Smith (he’s Catholic, references Pope Benedict XVI quite approvingly, and world-class ancient historian and biblical scholar – highly recommended, and is actually a very spiritual meditation on the creation, too)

    Lost World of Genesis One John Walton (also very good!)

    Cosmic Covenant Robert Murray, S.J.

    In the Beginning Pope Benedict XVI

    God and Reason Edward Grant

    Foundations of Science in the Middle Ages Ronald Numbers (also, anything else by Ronald Numbers who really has made religion and science issues his life’s work)

    The Territories of Science and Religion Peter Harrison

    The Genesis of Science / God’s Philosophers James Hannam

    After that, he can comment intelligently on this topic, but, until then, he has no business doing what is essentially a historian’s and/or theologian’s job. But, alas, he gets a hearing because he’s a scientist and (!) White House Advisor.

    We really need to a real, solid liberal arts education back! Where are all of our Renaissance men and women?

    “What do they teach schools these days?” Right on, Caspar.

  • Mark

    Christians can be some of the best Sci-Fi writers. Immortal beings, afterlife, eternal torment or pleasure–so much material!

  • jeanvaljean24601

    Frankly, I don’t have enough blind faith to be an atheist.