I don’t buy the “satanist high wizard in the abortion clinic” yarn

I don’t buy the “satanist high wizard in the abortion clinic” yarn August 20, 2015

There is a new yarn circulating around from an alleged “satanist high wizard” who says he sacrificed babies to Satan in abortion clinics.


Couple of questions. First, why are all satanists who pop up in the feversphere always “high wizards” or “high priests”? How does one attain this lofty position? It’s like all Past Life Recall people always having been an Egyptian princess or Royal Vizier in Atlantis and never a one-eyed camel driver who died of a toothache on some barren steppe and was left unburied by his drunken slavemaster.

Okay, but seriously, what actual evidence is there that any of this is true?

There is, as Fr. John Corapi demonstrated, a cottage industry of fabulists who tell lurid tales of their allegedly once-depraved lives who are now converts to… telling their audiences what they want to believe and making a pile of money in the process.

*Could* it be true? I s’pose. But show me some documentation. Meanwhile, I don’t buy it. And I think people concerned about the integrity of prolife witness should be slow, not swift to pass around this yarn because I think the odds are extremely good it will be found to be bogus and I don’t want the prolife movement to look like a bunch of suckers.

If we did not learn from the fabulisms and lies of Fr. Corapi, here is another cautionary tale for Catholics unfamiliar with the way credulous, agenda-driven media can help visible-from-space frauds put one over on people who really want to hear an awesome story that titillates with lurid tales of sin, confirms them in their ideological beliefs about their culture war enemies, and tells them how freaking awesome they are. It even stars a man who likewise claimed to be a “satanist high priest” with a dramatic conversion story–and it was all a massive fraud.

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