More on Walid Shoebat

More on Walid Shoebat December 1, 2014

Jerusalem Post on his sketchy claims.  Also, Debbie Schlussel (who has absolutely no motivation to attack an ardent Muslim-bashing Zionist) has denounced the guy as a “fake“.

Reminds me of Mike Warnke’s and Fr. Corapi’s tall tales.

Not buying his yarns.  You shouldn’t either.

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  • kenofken

    I think the name probably should have set off the first alarms. Now I may well be proven wrong in minutes on this point, but I’ve worked and lived around a LOT of Muslims over the years. I have yet to come across anyone named “Shoebat”. Again, I’m no linguistics expert, but it feels like the equivalent of “Borat.” or a character Jeff Dunham might create. I think the dog of Shoebat’s followers has been well wagged by the tail!

    • IRVCath

      Actually, that’s a real surname, especially given there’s an entire family of them who seem to want no part of this fruitcake. Though I would probably have transliterated it as “Shubat”.

      • kenofken

        There is that issue of putting sounds from a foreign language into an alphabet not really designed for them. I remember the whole Usama/Osama thing.

  • Neil

    Walid’s “defense” of himself in the combox of Mark’s first post is one of the most surreal thing’s I’ve read in a long time and I’m on the internet way too much. Also, it drives me crazy when people pronounce or spell “conscience” as “conscious”.