Jeb Bush Throws a Bit of Red Meat to the Torture-Loving GOP Base

Jeb Bush Throws a Bit of Red Meat to the Torture-Loving GOP Base August 20, 2015

Sends a clear signal that he’s open to reviving the Chamber of Horrors his brother’s Administration established. The mortal sin of Torture is a Core Value for the Anti-Abortion-but-Not-Prolife Party (you remember? The Party that still looks to Ann Coulter as a Valued Pundit when she says Trump could perform abortions in the White House for all she care, because she adores his hatred of Latinos so much). That party loves torture so much they continue to press for it even though it is a matter of record that it does not work and is counter-productive–and despite (or is it because of?) the horrors revealed by the Senate Report.

Sin makes you stupid.

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  • Peggy

    “Bla, bla…” He’s desperate. His column today on education reform was BORING.

  • Pete the Greek

    “Trump could perform abortions in the White House for all she care, because she adores his hatred of Latinos so much”
    – Speaking as someone who is not a Trump fan and knowledge of him is mostly limited to stuff BEFORE the election process started….

    The things he’s said that I HAVE heard, some being of the head scratching ‘wtf? exactly how do you expect THAT to work?’ variety and others of the ‘Eh, no, I disagree’ type… I haven’t heard anything where he actually HATES Hispanics.

    Does anyone have a source for this? I mean something concrete that proves he actually hates the population of central and south America? Just being in favor of limiting immigration I DO NOT county as ‘hatred’ for an entire race of people.

    Serious request here, as my exposure has been fairly limited. Where has he shown deliberate hatred for an entire quadrant of the world? Maybe he has and I just missed it (I avoid talk radio like the plague). Anyone have a link?

    • MT

      Trump didn’t flat out say all Mexican’s are evil. What he did was pander to Nativist fears and say that Mexico is not sending their best, insinuating that the poor Hispanics are mostly criminals. His is rhetoric is also based on the idea that the thing holding back the greatness of America are the swarm of people coming from down south that want destroy the English language.

      • Pete the Greek

        That seems a far cry from race hatred. I mean, perhaps you consider such statements as you’ve summarized to be ‘hatred’, but I don’t think they really qualify.

        “say that Mexico is not sending their best, insinuating that the poor Hispanics are mostly criminals.”
        – OK, but I don’t think that really implies criminality. Perhaps he meant it with true hatred in his heart as you seem to think, but I wouldn’t be quite so quick to know his heart in that way. By ‘their best’ does he mean ‘virtuous’? If so, I would ask how the hell he could possibly know the virtue of people like that. If he simply means ‘less skilled, less educated, etc’ (which is what, in my experience, most people mean when they say that) then he is completely correct, is he not? Acknowledging that doesn’t mean you harbor race hatred.

        “His is rhetoric is also based on the idea that the thing holding back the greatness of America are the swarm of people coming from down south that want destroy the English language.”

        – Hmmm… I don’t think you’re quite being honest here. He actually says they want to ‘destroy the English language’?

        If he thinks that swarms of illegals are destroying America’s greatness (really? He said that? He literally said THAT?) I would very much disagree. I would say that enormous amounts of illegal immigration favored by both political parties and pushed for by almost all big corporate interests do depress wages and cause significant strain on social support networks and increasing racial tensions not so much between hispanic and white as between hispanic and black.

        There is also a valid concern with cultural shift and exactly what that might mean for the future of the US in the southwest in particular. That is not a small concern and should be debated carefully in the manner of adults (which we seem not to have in government).

        You’ll excuse me if I don’t trust your summary. Perhaps you could post some links?

        It would be like you asking me ‘What is Mark Shea’s position on the Second Ammendment?’ and I responded with ‘He basically thinks that if you own firearms you can’t call yourself a Catholic. He also insinuates that people who own guns approve of murdering children.’ While Mark and I disagree on certain aspects of that issue, my statement would be a GROSS misstatement of his views. That’s kinda what you’re sounding like.

        I Was hoping to get some actual links for some of these. I’ll try to dig some up whenever I get some free time.

        • Matt Talbot

          So, the proposition that Trump, rather than trying to appeal to the uglier, more racist elements of the Republican base when he says things like…

          When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.

          …has some other, more plausible motive?

          The loonier elements of the Republican base (for whom Coulter is a revered spokesperson) love this guy for that remark.

          • Pete the Greek

            I’d say that’s more rabble rousing, true. But that’s not what MT posted above (that might have been you as well) , which is why I was asking for a more detailed breakdown as opposed to his opinion. All you originally posted was “say that Mexico is not sending their best”.

            The real problem is not that what is says is false. It’s that he says some true items, and then attaches a bunch of bombastic crap on it as well, it seems. For example:

            “they’re not sending their best.”
            – Well, no, not really. Mexican optometrists, Panamanian physicists and Honduran entrepreneurs aren’t jumping in to swim the Rio Grand. We are getting mainly people who, for whatever reason, can’t get a decent living where they currently are, or believe they can do better in the US. The reasons for that can be legion: legendary political corruption that stifles economic activity, war, ethnic discrimination, etc.

            “They’re sending people that have lots of problems.”
            – What kind of ‘problems’. That seems nebulous. You mean economic problems? I would agree with that. I’d want some clarification.

            “They’re bringing drugs.”

            – I’m not sure why this is controversial. They do. In fact, one of them many ways an immigrant can pay for his passage, at least in part, is by transporting drugs on his way in. The terrible thing is sometimes the recipients on the other side pick up the drugs when they arrive and kill the mules.

            “They’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good
            – This makes it sound like they are all, with the exception of a few, rapists. No, wrong. There is an element of criminality that exists, it’s true, but it isn’t the universal.

            ” love this guy for that remark.”
            – Trump seems to be like Bernie Sanders in that way, for the same reasons. They both give lip service to problems that average people have worried about but are prevented from having addressed publicly. Immigration is only one of those issues. If another candidate were to come out on schools and say something like “Public schools are crap in this country. We graduate entire classes from high school who are functionally illiterate and actually think we fought the Nazis in the Civil War.”

            Bombastic? Overboard? Grossly exaggerated? Yes, but it would have the same effect for base voters in my opinion.

            I do find it annoying that he says ‘Mexico is SENDING’ us people’. Mexico isn’t sending anyone. We tell them to show up. It’s like setting out a bunch of sweet corn and salt licks in a field and complaining when the deer show up.

            • Ken

              No one is going to stand up and say they hate a group of people unless they are wearing a sheet and are burning a cross. I do think a lot of things get said that isn’t obviously racist that allows people to pretend that what they meant or that they were misinterpreted.

      • ManyMoreSpices

        Trump’s likely half right. Generally immigrants are losers. That’s not a pejorative; it simply means that if they had been winners in their home countries, they’d stay there. Most people don’t uproot their lives when things are going well for them.

        On the other hand, we’re getting people who are motivated to put up with the challenges of coming to the U.S., often at great expense.

        So it seems that we’re getting a combination of people who (i) couldn’t hack it in Mexico, but (ii) are motivated to work hard.

        • Rebecca Fuentes

          Many worked hard in their home countries, but it’s possible to work hard there and starve.

  • Elmwood

    Cardinal Dolan likes him. but other than supporting capital punishment, war, and GHG pollution, he’s a great catholic.