Bad Lip Reading Kills Me

Bad Lip Reading Kills Me August 20, 2015

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  • ivan_the_mad


  • Joe

    I find it worrisome that what this video contains is more sensible and coherent than what the candidates say in real life. Dr Carson for president!

  • Captain_America

    I saw this yesterday. You are probably too young for “That Was The Week That Was”, but it reminded me of the old show.

  • Joseph

    I always like BLR. This one was funny, but they are easy targets. That’s pretty much exactly how I imagined the debate went so I trying to hard to collect all of their talking points. Hopefully we’ll see a BLR Democrat debate soon. That would obviously be less popular amongst the hipsters lining up behind Bernie and Hilary. So, BLR wouldn’t be bravely facing the applause as much.
    Sorta reminds me of the sea of stand up comics who make the Catholic Church the butt of so many jokes but carefully avoid any near graze with Islam. I love comedy, but cowardly comedy can grate on my sometimes. I guess that’s why I can appreciate Southpark in small doses. They go by the rule, if you’re going to pick on one group or ideology, pick on them all. Don’t be a pansy