Laudato Si: Read the Whole Encyclical, Not Just Your Favorite Part

Laudato Si: Read the Whole Encyclical, Not Just Your Favorite Part August 18, 2015

Jason Adkins with radical advice for our Cafeteria Culture.

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  • thisismattwade

    We’re part of a discussion group that is reading Laudato Si this month. It’s been a surprisingly easy read because I was initially daunted by the paragraph count. So far I haven’t encountered anything that’s overly confusing, controversial, or un-Christian in the pope’s words. I find myself nodding in agreement and pulling passages out for notes and quotes. This coming from a guy who doesn’t really prefer his writing style.

  • ivan_the_mad

    “Taken as a whole, the encyclical is about creation — more precisely, each creature — drawing our attention to God’s extraordinary care for each creature and its place within an ordered world of relationships.”

    Laudato Si serves to remind one of why Kirk saw fit to write in his great work on the conservatism of the Catholic Church (not to mention his own conversion to the same). Although to be accurate, since he tends to concentrate on persons, the chapter title is given to the (insufficiently) esteemed Orestes Brownson – who has been skillfully portrayed by the good Kevin O’Brien 🙂

  • Pete the Greek

    What really amazes me is how really unoriginal it is. In a good way.

    It doesn’t really expound on anything revolutionary or shiny and new. If you know the tenants of the Faith, this just builds on it.

  • johnnysc

    Good advice but unfortunately some of the ‘experts’ that advised Pope Francis seem not to be interested in the whole encyclical.