When it Comes to Abortion, Science is on the Side of Life

When it Comes to Abortion, Science is on the Side of Life August 18, 2015

I have remarked in the past that the weirdness of the abortion debate is that we Christians (who are, we assured) obscurantists who hate and fear science, are the ones who routinely point to scientific fact about the developing human fetus while it is pro-aborts who waste all their time making woolly-minded mystical speculations about when ensoulment occurs, etc.

The reason is not far to seek.  The pro-abort is seeking to deny reality.  The darkness hates the light and so does stuff like try to deny parental consent.  It doesn’t like ultrasounds.  It wants to keep things shrouded in darkness.

And so, while the science is showing us just how much a baby can feel in the womb (a lot) Hillary Clinton shouts down a law restricting abortion for children 20 week post-conception and calls it “extreme“.  The only thing extreme is the agony inflicted on the unborn child.  Clinton has not one leg to stand on, scientifically.  But as a servant of the pro-abortion lie, she isn’t interest in what he research shows.  She’s interested in protecting the lies of the pro-abort culture.

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