When it Comes to Abortion, Science is on the Side of Life

When it Comes to Abortion, Science is on the Side of Life August 18, 2015

I have remarked in the past that the weirdness of the abortion debate is that we Christians (who are, we assured) obscurantists who hate and fear science, are the ones who routinely point to scientific fact about the developing human fetus while it is pro-aborts who waste all their time making woolly-minded mystical speculations about when ensoulment occurs, etc.

The reason is not far to seek.  The pro-abort is seeking to deny reality.  The darkness hates the light and so does stuff like try to deny parental consent.  It doesn’t like ultrasounds.  It wants to keep things shrouded in darkness.

And so, while the science is showing us just how much a baby can feel in the womb (a lot) Hillary Clinton shouts down a law restricting abortion for children 20 week post-conception and calls it “extreme“.  The only thing extreme is the agony inflicted on the unborn child.  Clinton has not one leg to stand on, scientifically.  But as a servant of the pro-abortion lie, she isn’t interest in what he research shows.  She’s interested in protecting the lies of the pro-abort culture.

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  • Chris W

    Great post Mark, but let’s not forget the Republicans whose actions have done very little. They campaign seeking prolife support, are elected and promptly do precious little with right to life legislation.

    • jaybird1951

      It is the Republicans in Congress who voted to defund Planned Parenthood. It was the Democrats who blocked that effort in the Senate. It is states where Republicans control the legislatures and the governorships where restrictions have been implemented. You conveniently forgot to mention the extreme Roe v. Wade decision and the courts that enforce it that block more reform.

      • Marthe Lépine

        I do not follow closely enough politics in your country to know about this de-funding debate. However, this is an example where both houses are dominated by a different tribe, while I understand that in earlier times, before the Democrats won and Obama became President, there was a relatively long period where both houses were dominated by the Republicans. And what did they accomplish then about fighting abortion? From the little I have read, the answer is “nothing much”. It seems that abortion is, for politicians, nothing much other than a political football…And presently, I do worry about the same “football game” being imported into my country, complete with some graphic images of human remains being used on quasi-political pamphlets…

      • Joseph

        The Repugnantcans had the majority… and somehow failed the materialise support in the Senate despite this *gift*. Oops…

    • Guest

      I’ll just wait here for Mark to say something about personal responsibility and not blaming others…

  • Good post. I thought I’d quit following your blog over that post that claimed that prolife people had to reject gun rights. And then you didn’t permit comments on it. That bothered me. If you are going to be that controversial theologically, you might at least permit questions and comments.

    But at least you are making good sense on this post, and therefore you allow comments (except perhaps this one.)

  • Newp Ort

    Meanwhile in the liberal paradise of Scandinavia abortion is restricted after 18 weeks or less in almost all circumstances. #cognititvedissonance

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    This has really bothered me in reference to the vaccine debate. People who consistently point to the huge body of studies on vaccine safety and efficacy and talk about how we need to save the children, but then turn around and spit fire about any restrictions on abortion. On the other side, people who happily point out the science of the developing baby to support their pro-life views suddenly disbelieve any science that says vaccines are safe or effective.

    • sez

      A baby in the womb is a baby. Period. Vaccines, on the other hand, come in many different varieties – some ethical, some not. Some more effective than others. Some safer than others. Some more necessary than others. And then these things change over time: a vaccine that was ethical and effective in the 60’s might now be made unethically and/or no longer as effective or safe as the older version that addressed the same disease.

      So, the sensible thing is to do enough digging to know which vaccines to include and which to exclude.

      People who generalize about vaccines are either unaware of these differences, or are too lazy to do their homework. There is nothing comparable in the abortion debate.

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        Vaccines is a bigger, more nuanced conversation, true (and scary sometimes), but the disconnect is what I was looking at. Someone with a medical degree saying, “Vaccinate to protect vulnerable children, the science supports it,” who also says, “Abortion is a woman’s right!” and the vulnerable child suddenly doesn’t matter.

        • sez

          Yes, such people are baffling! It seems that the pelvic issues cloud their otherwise clear thinking. Perhaps they have already had a hand in an abortion (either for themselves or helped a loved one obtain an abortion), and so they cannot let abortion be anything but OK… because the truth would mean they have blood on their hands.

    • Joseph

      Many of the pro-abort/pro-vaccine Nazi combo people are the vaccine companies themselves… who use cell lines from aborted fetuses to create their vaccines in the first place.

  • Mark R

    I agree about science being on the side of life wholeheartedly. One thing that bothers me — for rhetorical purposes — is that miscarriages are so common that this can downplay the severity of abortion. Of course, the causes are vastly different, but if one were only to judge by the end result.