The Delusion of the Familiar…

The Delusion of the Familiar… August 24, 2015

is under discussion over at the Register today.

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  • Marthe Lépine

    AS I was reading the Register article, the thought came to me that people like you, Mark, and your fellow converts, are bringing a real gift to other Catholics, by reminding those like myself who are cradle Catholics and far too familiar with the Church of how wonderful our faith is. For example, as I read Scott Hahn’s conversion story (Rome Sweet Home) I had been impressed by his intense desire to receive the Eucharist, while it sometimes seemed to be like a routine for a regular practising Catholic like myself. And a former parish priest here in the small town where I live was the son of an Anglican minister, and had become a Catholic only about 1996. For him everything about the faith was still new and wonderful, an attitude that was very uplifting for some of us.