A Fine New Book on St. Peter

A Fine New Book on St. Peter September 2, 2015

Saint Peter: Flawed, Forgiven, and Faithful (Walking with Peter from Galilee to Rome).

Here are a few endorsements the book has received:

James Martin, SJ, editor at large at America Media, author of Jesus: A Pilgrimage

“A marvelous book, which seamlessly combines biblical scholarship, travel narrative, historical research and spiritual reflections, to help us more fully understand one of the most fascinating men ever to have lived, and surely one of the most human.”

Scott Hahn, president at St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, author

“This isn’t just a good book. It’s a pilgrimage beside the great Apostle, the blustery friend of Jesus, the first pope. By the end of it, I felt he was my friend, too. We’d been together, after all, from Galilee to Rome, from sin to repentance, from the mountaintop to the cross. Peter is repeatedly confronted with his weakness and raised up through mercy. So are those of us who have the privilege of reading Stephen Binz’s book.”

Mark P. Shea, author and blogger

Jesus’ choice of Peter– “a shuffler, a coward, and a snob–in a word, a man” was the crowning pastoral gift he gave to his Church.  It assured for all time that the Church would be a safe haven for losers, oddballs, failures, and factory rejects: in short, sinners like you and me.  That is why I will love Peter till the day I die and why I am grateful to Stephen J. Binz for bringing to life this splendid saint in his life and times for the rest of us.  If you are a sinner in need of grace and mercy, Peter is the guy who will put his hand on your shoulder and say, “Jesus forgave me.  He will surely forgive you too.  Don’t be afraid.”

Lisa M. Hendey, author, founder of CatholicMom.com

If you’ve ever doubted your capacity to serve as a witness to Christ’s love or as a servant leader within the Church, let Saint Peter: Flawed, Forgiven, and Faithful by Stephen J. Binz help you to rediscover the life and potent intercessory friendship of Saint Peter. Equal parts literary pilgrimage, well-researched biography and inspirational spiritual guide, this book will reignite your interest in a spiritual giant who faced so many of the same trials and hurdles you and I do today. Stephen J. Binz and this saintly bridge-builder hold the keys to helping us prayerfully discern our own path of witness and service.

Julie Davis, author and blogger

“I’ve never stopped to ask myself what Peter personally experienced every step of the way with Jesus. Or to wonder what he learned as he went on “alone” after the Ascension. I’ll certainly never think of Peter the same way now that Stephen Binz’s book made him and his amazing journey come alive. You need to read this book!”

Edita Krunic, President, Select International Tours and Cruises

“I have been to Rome sixteen times and Jerusalem eleven, often traveling with highly qualified professional guides and respected theologians, yet reading Stephen Binz’s book Saint Peter: Flawed, Forgiven and Faithful brought to light an extraordinary amount of new information. I can completely understand why so many pilgrims love traveling with Stephen when he leads a pilgrimage to the Holy Land or Italy, as their understanding of the Scriptures and Catholic history is enriched by Stephen’s knowledge, his extreme attention to detail and exemplary concern for the truth”.

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