Be *More* Prolife

Be *More* Prolife September 16, 2015

Anti-abortion-but-not-prolife conservative: Hear this crie de coeur from a mother who chose life about why the prolife movement loses and lacks credibility:

“They lost the fight when they proved that after my baby was born with a disability that it was up to me to provide services and we were on our own. All the pro-lifers seem to disappear after I chose life. So for 9 months, I had the support of the anti-aborts, and for 19 years I’ve had the support of the Democratic “pro-choicers”. Go figure. My son should live another 50 years with luck and the free healthcare that only the Democrats are supporting and the Republicans keep resenting.”

Be *more* prolife, not less. Be as prolife after birth as we are before. Take that ground from the Left and you will never lose another election. But that means deprioritizing all the crap that has made the GOP gaga for Trump. Make life your real priority all the time. Not just up to birth.

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