Didn’t Know the Relics of St. Peter Could be Seen

Didn’t Know the Relics of St. Peter Could be Seen September 15, 2015

I missed this when it first ran. I wonder if the relics are still on display? They should let them do a scan of the skull and see if a forensics guy could reconstruct what Peter looked like.

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  • Alas, facial reconstruction doesn’t seem possible, since only a few fragments of the skull were found. There is a (partial?) skull, long thought to be Peter’s, preserved at the Lateran basilica. How or if the two match up, I don’t recall.

    Much better than this poorly researched article are the captivating accounts by J.E. Wash and Prof. Guarducci herself. You can actually read the full text of both books here.


    The whole website is a gold mine of information on St. Peter’s.