Is Sasquatch the Antichrist?

Is Sasquatch the Antichrist? September 15, 2015

Kevin O’Brien comes out of retirement to plead with Catholics to stop running off after folk heroes, frauds, and false prophets.

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  • Joseph

    Oh, no. Another one? We’ve got a handful in Ireland too.

  • Tweck

    A friend and I were talking about the latest hysteria regarding the blood moon prophesy (prophesied by a sola scriptura fundamentalist of the ‘dispensational truth’ variety and mystifyingly believed and feared by many Catholics I’m the U.S.). (Somewhat unrelated, I know, but just indicative of how readily many of us embrace these things)

    I thought, ‘they get to have their literalist interpretations of Biblical prophesy, and all the wacky sci-fi bells and whistles and fantastical elements that go with them, yet they think we’re superstitious and weird for believing that one of our Saints could bilocate and read souls, and have visions of both the supernatural and preternatural variety?’

    But yes, anyway, the friend pointed out that false prophets -sell books-. And you’d think we’d be completely satisfied with all the wonderful mystery and supernatural things about Catholicism that are readily available and approved. There’s a lifetime worth of reading out there, so why do people bother with the modern false prophets?

    • Ken

      Members of my family are under the blood moon prophesy. Apparently some Evangelicals are so afraid of it they are selling their houses and moving out to the country. Some of this stuff can really have an impact on people’s lives.

      • Tweck

        Yeah, honestly. It’s not only false prophecy, but it’s really irresponsible to spread it around the way he has. And the fact that the guy is making millions spreading these falsehoods, and seems unconcerned about scaring people witless is testament to… well, I think St. Jude was talking about people like him.

        I’ve had people trying to put the fear of God into me over it… and there are Catholics on my facebook feed who believe it too. smh

        • Ken

          I said to some of these people that the guy is selling a book. It seem to occur to them that there could be a conflict of interest there. There isn’t any research or critical thinking of his motivation. Not really sure why people would put their faith in this guy so unconditionally and not the Church.

    • Andy

      Not to display my lack of knowledge – or as my students would my stupidity – what is the blood moon prophecy?

      • Ken

        You’re lucky you haven’t heard of it. the version I heard was that there is a Hebrew 7 year cycle God gave to the Jews for 6 years they’ll have crops and on the seventh year it will be a drought. A way for them to keep things in order and not over consume and ruin the land. Some guy, who is a fiction writer sorry it’s not worth looking up his name, came up with this concept that every 7 years the market crashes in Sept. He tries to tie it into Sept 11 saying God was punishing the US and that every 7 years the economy will drop. The author figured this out and, if you buy his book, you too can move in and out of the stock market. Basically, all those victims of Sept 11 died so people who read his book can make some cash on the stock market. One of the signs of this is that there was a “blood moon” over Israel this year.
        All of this was actually supposed to happen last year and the author has already said that it might not happen this year. You know, it’s going to happen but it might not but if it does I said it would.
        There are several versions of this some suggest it’s the end of the world. Also, the author says the US is the new Israel so this applies to us. I wish he would have told me that before I had pork chops last weekend!

        • Andy

          Thank you – now I now who to contact to sell this island I have – just of the coast, fully developed, attached to the mainland by bridges – going cheap – just $25.00 (inflation).

        • Marthe Lépine

          This 7 year cycle rings a bell… I don’t know much about agriculture, but I seem to recall having heard that farmers in older days (prior to intensive methods) used to keep part of their land unworked for a year or a season, on a rotating basis, in order to let it kind of “recuperate”. Actually, it might even be a good idea in the area of land conservation…

          • Rebecca Fuentes

            Farmers here still do it, though the rotation depends on the crops, soil, and local weather patterns.

        • Tweck

          I think he was the one making a big fuss about Hurricane Katrina being a chastisement from God too.

          • Ken

            It’s amazing that Catholics would believe that God would use people’s suffering so that other people could hit big on the stock market. There’s so much wrong with that concept one can’t even find a place to start…

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        I had to look it up too. I’d heard of the coming eclipse, but didn’t know there was any prophetic hoopla connected to it.

      • Joseph

        I think it’s something in the game Terraria. I’ve played it with my kids. It’s when a bunch of zombies and goblins roam around and you can fight the goblin army. The water also turns red.

      • Tweck

        It’s a bunch of silliness one of our sola scriptura friends drummed up about a comet that’s scheduled to wipe out the East Coast of the U.S. on or about September 24th, ringing in the tribulation. Of course they get to get raptured beforehand. ;^)

        I’m making a bet with my protestant friend. If it happens, I admit he was right, but if it doesn’t, he admits that we are right and converts! (Like that’ll happen, but still, one can dream, lol)

        It’s all from a book “Four Blood Moons” by John Hagee that was inexplicably a best seller in the U.S. recently (or perhaps not so inexplicably :/ ) – he is a pastor at a huge megachurch in San Antonio.

  • neoconned

    Never heard of this guy, but thanks for the heads up. I have learned my lesson (Fr. Corapi, et al), believe me. I do understand the anxiety that people have though. The good thing is that through getting burned by the likes of John Corapi, I have turned to Padre Pio, St. Therese and Blessed Solanus Casey who are all the exact opposite.

    • LSpinelli

      St. Therese and her little way, the Mass and the Eucharist do the job just fine for me. Meaning no John Corapi or other Catholic “celebrity” pseudo-worship. (I didn’t even know who he was until the scandal broke – and I still haven’t seen or read anything of his. Don’t think I missed out. Classic understatement.)

      My mom, on recommendation, bought a book called The Thunder of Justice around 20 years ago. It was full of apocalyptic anxiety and false prophets, for lack of a better description. That book burned me out on “visionaries” and the type of folk that go running after them.

      To this day, all these years later, my mom regrets buying that book. It added absolutely nothing to her faith, she said.

  • Ken

    I have Catholic family members who are constantly falling for this stuff. They seem to just go from one of these “prophets” to the next without considering that the previous “prophet” was a complete fraud. These people are what Pope Benedict referred to as soothsayers. In his book Jesus of Nazareth Pope Benedict encourages us to rely on the gift of faith to get through our troubles and fears and not people who claim to be able to predict the future.

  • bob

    Does the fellow have a bishop?

  • Lives next door. Grumpy as hell. Probably he *is* a bishop.

    Don’t know whether he needs a barber or a dog groomer.

  • Cas

    Does anyone have any more information regarding Fr. Mitch Pacwa’s presence at Johnston’s talk? I haven’t listened to a tremendous amount of Fr. Pacwa’s talks, but he seems pretty solid from what I’ve heard of him, so I find his presence there curious. Of course, the blog post doesn’t indicate whether he was there as an eager participant, or doing recon on what appears to be the latest fraud who’s gaining a groundswell.

    • Eric

      I actually heard Fr. Pacwa discuss his attendance on his radio program. It seemed he was going out of his way to neither endorse nor condemn the speaker. He’s a cautious fellow.

      • Cas

        Thanks for the info! I still feel the burn sometimes from what Fr. Corapi did (although my spidey sense was tingling before he publicly went completely off the rails, so it wasn’t as big of a surprise). Sadly, although it was a wake up call in some ways, one of the worst effects it has had on me is causing me to be gun shy towards priests who spend time in the public eye and develop a fan base and a bit of a celebrity status, no matter how orthodox they may seem.

        • Ken

          I agree on the celebrity status. I went to a Catholic Conference and there was a speaker, I won’t mention his name in case people think I am criticizing him, and people were fawning over him. I thought to myself that it must be awful hard to have this type of adulation and keep their wits about them. It’s good for Priests to be moved to different parishes so this can be avoided. Probably a good idea to move some of these people out of the limelight if it gets too hot. I’m not saying this applies to Fr.Pacwa I’m speaking generally.

          • Marthe Lépine

            Maybe many of you will want to kill me for saying it… but I sometimes worry that way about Father Barron. I guess it would be a good idea to pray for him a lot, so the Lord gives him all the strength he would need, when the time comes, to fight such a temptation.

            • Ken

              I’ve actually thought the same thing, not that he’s done anything wrong, just that it must be difficult to have people adulating anyone. Perhaps with the internet and the free forum of criticism it gets balanced out.

    • chezami

      My guess is that he’s pretty skeptical of this guy.

  • Pete the Greek

    I’ve made a bit of a study of a lot of the conspiracy theories through the years lately, as I have several members of my extended family that started buying into them. Conspiracy theory wise, this one is TAME!

    Wake me up when you read up on the one about Pope Francis secretly urging NASA to send a nuclear probe to Jupiter, so that it will become a second sun and thus usher in the New World Order under the power of the ‘Illumened Ones’.

    • Linebyline

      But everybody knows that the point of turning Jupiter into a second sun is to increase our growing seasons so the Aschen can turn the earth into farmland for themselves after sterilizing most humans so there’s just enough of us left to do the farming.

      (Wait, that wouldn’t work, would it? I mean, wrecking the day-night cycle for part of the year would just kill off a bunch of stuff, wouldn’t it? Maybe I should ask this on Stack Exchange…)

  • Buzz Haas

    It’s funny the places where Sasquatch turns up, but there are some reasonable theories about why they seem to be in the same places as UFOs!
    The Mormons have Sasquatch in part of their tradition. It’s an accepted theory among them that he’s Cain. And the American Indians talk about him as well. I suppose if he does exist, he is some sort of demonic manifestation. Let’s ask Fr. Amorth

  • LSpinelli

    I’m no fan of, and no combox regular here is any fan of Michael Voris, but this video is refreshingly sane and makes the same point.

    It seems almost all you have to say or blog is something like “Our Lady is appearing privately to a mystic who has a holy spiritual director,” and voila—instant Catholic rock-star status.

    Put down the reports of alleged messages from Heaven, and get back to the Church, which is on fire, and help douse the flames.