Francis Meets with Little Sisters of the Poor

Francis Meets with Little Sisters of the Poor September 24, 2015

after calling for religious liberty on the White House lawn. Fun!

Special bonus Francican moment: Foregoes lunch with Boehner, Pelosi, McConnell and Reid to go serve lunch to the homeless.

I love this guy so much.

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  • ivan_the_mad

    God bless him and grant him many more years!

  • Joseph

    What does that have to do with climate change? I’m confused. 😉

    • Alma Peregrina

      He went to visit the Sisters of the Poor.

      Poor = Socialism

      Socialism = Climate change

      Climate change = Iluminati

      Iluminati = Antichrist

      Antichrist = Floats on water

      Floats on water = A duck

      The pope is a duck! We’re doomed!

  • Thibaud313

    Counterpoint : Francis also appointed at the upcoming Synod a bishop who covered-up sex abuses and wants the Church to surrender to the world :

    • Joseph

      I’m pretty sure that there have been appointed contrary voices as well. But what I find interesting about the linked blog post is how it seems that the bishops known for covering up sexual abuse almost always seem to also favour abortion, same-sex marriage, and oversaw the pink palace semenaries.
      Why that’s interesting is because it exposes the obvious contradiction that the media entwines itself in when discussing all things Church. On the one hand, they decry the silence and the cover ups of the sexual abuse scandal. On the other they support the very same priests and bishops who were at fault for or directly engaged it in because they share the same ideology. It’s a classic case of having one’s cake and eating it too. I’ve tried to point this out several times to a few “pop-culture” anti-Catholics. That blog post is an all-in-one feature.

      • Thibaud313

        From what I understand 85% (more or less) of the about 250 Synodal Fathers are elected by their National Conference or are Synodal Fathers ex officio. The remaining 15% (more or less) are appointed by the Pope.

        It seems that the 85% not appointed by the Pope lean towards preserving Tradition and Christ’s words (it’s especially the case with the US nominees and, of course, the African nominees). By contrast, almost (true not all, but almost) all of Francis’ nominees (Kasper, Daneels and Co) are strongly in favor of repudiating Tradition and Christ’s words and surrendering to the world.

        • Joseph

          Perhaps it is to bring them to the light? Let them speak and let them hear the counter arguments in a forum. Maybe? The Church’s teachings are not going to change on pelvic issues. I don’t know what you’re worried about. Even if half of the Pope’s appointments were heterodox, wouldn’t that mean that only 7.5% (based on your numbers) are a concern? I think what I’ve pointed out is more interesting.

          • Thibaud313

            You are correct, what you have pointed out is indeed interesting.

            However, it’s more like 95% of the Pope’s appointment are openly anti-Benedict, anti-saint John Paul II, anti-Paul VI, anti-Tradition and litterally anti-Christ Bishops like Kasper, Daneels and Mahoney (with only a handful of not-openly anti-Tradition Fathers among Francis’ picks. Hopefully it’s because he ran out of anti-Tradition Bishops). It’s very optimistic and well-meaning of you to hope that Francis is trying to “show them the light” but the fact that he also personally ousted pro-Tradition Bishops from the Synod (like Burke) and the fact he spoke very highly of the racist liar Kasper strongly indicates that Francis is in fact desperately trying to have the anti-Tradition win at the Synod.

            You are also right that if the not-Francis appointed Synodal Fathers are generally pro-Tradition, then the anti-Tradition side should suffer a humiliating defeat at the next Synod like they already did last year (after issuing an intermediate relation that completely misrepresented the Synodal debates, the anti-Tradition were defeated by a coalition of African, American and Eastern Europeans Bishops with the final relation saying pretty much the opposite of the intermediate relation). However, it’s harder to say because the 85% of Synodal Fathers who are not nominated by the Pope have gone through much less scrutiny.

            In any case, I am fairly confident that many African and Polish Fathers, in particular, will fight to the last drop of blod to prevent Kasper, Daneels, Mahoney and, alas, Francis from imposing anti-John Paul II, anti-Tradition and anti-Christ agenda.

            In conclusion, I wish to distinguish myself from the crazy Francis-haters : the crazy Francis-haters carefully examine every single action and speech of Francis and conclude that he is part of a Marxist/sodomite conspiracy because negation of climate change is sacred dogma. I, on the other hand, have absolutely nothing against Francis’ positions on Social Doctrine because on this he is being perfectly traditional, up to and including his encyclical on the defense of the environment.
            The only thing I have against Francis is that, based on his open support for Kasper & Co and vice-versa, the Pope is clearly trying to have the Church repudiates Christ and unconditionnaly surrender to the spirit of the World on matters of family and sexuality after the next Synod. That’s my only concern about Francis, but it is a huge one, of course, completly destroying all the good will I would otherwise have for the guy.

            Maybe I am just a peculiar crazy Francis-hater, agreeing with him on everything except the next Synod, instead of disagreeing with him on everything like all the other crazy Francis-haters. And, honestly, I really hope I am crazy because if I am not crazy then the Church is, because of Francis, facing its worst crisis since Arius.

  • Procopius

    “Unlike some of his predecessors, Francis has reminded journalists and
    world leaders time and time again that the church is for the poor”

    Which predecessors would that be? Julius II? John IX? It certainly could not have been Benedict, John Paul, Paul IV, John XXII, or Pius XII, all of whom affirmed the same thing.

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      Yeah that was my quibble with that report too. Still, it’s nice that they’re noticing when Francis does it.