One Unexpected Side Benefit of the Papal Visit…

One Unexpected Side Benefit of the Papal Visit… September 24, 2015

…is that we have gone for the whole week so far without hearing the name “Donald Trump”. Already, he seems like a fading nightmare in the clear light of day. It’s hard to believe he ever existed. And rhetoric like this just seems like a joke out of comedy:

You read it with a sense of detached bemusement and it is so delightfully empty of anything but comic value that it’s hard to believe anybody ever took the guy seriously.

I used to have a priest who, when he encountered somebody he could not bring himself to see with charity, would pretend they were a character from Dickens, “and that made it alright.”

This feels like that.  Somehow, Francis has helped me to see Trump as a character out of Dickens and enjoy him.  Thanks, Papa!

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  • Joseph

    Wow. That was a Bushism if I ever saw one! Brilliant.

  • UAWildcatx2

    That round about way of saying nothing made me nauseous.

  • sean

    Oh Shea, you’re just above us all. Sophisticated, nuanced… you khan’t be bothered with those low-bottom Trump supporters… oh my, my my…

    • Joe

      Well, if most Trump supporters consider his babbling incoherency to be great oratory, why bother?

  • Miguel

    Trump is hiding in the dark shadows of a deep crevice, like a vicious puma, waiting to scare the holy father as he promised.

  • Dave

    I just returned to my home state from seeing Pope Francis in Washington DC. I was able to be in the audience on the west lawn at the capitol during Pope Francis’ address to Congress. The energy and enthusiasm and celebration of 10s of thousands of people on the lawn was incredible. Papa is loved very much! One unexpected benefit I anticipate from the Pope’s visit is his simplicity. In a city where “power, prestige and importance” seem to be of utmost importance and in a city where tinted window suburbans and large motorcades are whisking “important” people away left and right, here comes the Vicar of Christ driving up in his Fiat. I cannot help but think that this example of simplicity is making a significant impact on dignitaries in DC. The motorcade for Pope Francis in DC was probably 1/2-mile long with large SUVs and police cars and right smack in the middle is this little Fiat. Very humbling. Very simple. Very Pope Francis.