Pope Delivers Living Example of How to Treat Refugees at our Border

Pope Delivers Living Example of How to Treat Refugees at our Border September 23, 2015

Terrifying invader–also known as “adorable little girl”–welcomed and loved and cherished by Holy Father, because she is a human being:

At this point, it is customary for the nativist to start looking for evil: her parents put her up to it, they were shouting “Yes we can!” in Spanish and are therefore ritually unclean Obama supporters, this is all a conspiracy to make conservatives who treat refugees like garbage and who say “Amnesty equals abortion” look like heartless ogres.

Here’s the thing: If you don’t want to look like a heartless ogre, stop calling refugees “invaders” and telling them that they are abortion incarnate. Instead, try doing what the pope did. Incredibly, it turns out that desperate people who are just trying to feed their families tend to gravitate toward people who treat them with respect and don’t call their little girls “invaders”.

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  • VicqRuiz

    The Pope gave her a hug and then left it up to someone else to feed and clothe her.