Today’s Work of Mercy Opportunity

Today’s Work of Mercy Opportunity September 18, 2015

Reader Gregory Mitchell writes:

I was wondering if you might share this through your social media outlets.

There is this great new App produced by the Offical Catholic US Missions Society and Propagation of the Faith it is at . It was the brainchild of Pope Francis himself to have an application that would connect people with the world of missions. Please go online and download it. It will link you directly to some of the most needy missions.

The St. Francis Emmaus Pregnancy Hostel an apostolate of missionaries Gregory and Colleen Mitchell is currently evangelizing and lowering the infant mortality rate among a remote tribal peoples and is featured on this site. You can donate any amount you like as well as donate from one of the tab choices. Proceeds from this app will go to the St. Francis Emmaus Pregnancy safe house for at risk women and infants of the Chirripo Cloud forest indigenous reserve.

Please download the App and place a message of encouragement in our missio app update. You can see updates from the St. Francis Emmaus pregnancy hostel at this site as well. Thanks.

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